Francis Duggan

For Each Of Us A Pigeon Hole - Poem by Francis Duggan

There's a spot for the blue collar worker and a spot for the one on the dole
And a spot for the company executive and for the one who mines for coal
And there's a spot for the doctor and surgeon and even for the poor lost soul
We are graded as if we are potatoes for each of us a pigeon hole.

We are told that we are all equal and to that they add in God's eyes
And those who make such silly statements are those who believe their own lies
'Tis mostly money that makes us unequal we are even judged by our postal address
If to make ends meet you have to battle society's judges you will not impress.

For to reach the top 'tis a hard battle 'tis a rat race in the World out there
And if you are down few will bother to help you too few for humanity care
So many into self promotion and belittling others some enjoy
And many don't see it as wrong to be selfish their most used words are me, myself and I.

To live life as a decent person to little does not seem to amount
They judge you better by the job you work at or by the amount of money in your bank account
And no respect for the poor homeless or for those who live on the dole
And in this so called age of enlightenment for each of us a pigeon hole.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 7, 2008

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