For Jane Poem by Charles Bukowski

For Jane

Rating: 3.9

225 days under grass
and you know more than I.
they have long taken your blood,
you are a dry stick in a basket.
is this how it works?
in this room
the hours of love
still make shadows.

when you left
you took almost
I kneel in the nights
before tigers
that will not let me be.

what you were
will not happen again.
the tigers have found me
and I do not care.

Gurvinder ginda 17 April 2019

A good poet

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Shadow Girl 15 June 2011

So powerful - true gritty feelings oozing onto the page. SG

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Ray Schreiber 10 May 2011

This poem captures the total experience of this type of loss succinctly. From the awareness of what little is left behind lying beneath the grass to the acknowledgment of the unique being whose likeness will never be seen again... complete in its sadness and resignation.

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Joseph Degele 09 April 2010

I lost my wife 10 years ago. When she died she took almost everything. I know the tigers and I don't care.

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Jessika Ni Cuillan 23 June 2007

i realise this isn't supposed to be a humorous poem but 'you are a dry stick in a basket' did make me chuckle i must admitt!

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