For The Broken Heart Of Her Poem by Holly Heron

For The Broken Heart Of Her

Rating: 5.0

You left me floating in eternity,
Clinging to lost promises,
The more I cling the more I lose,
Of your warmth and love,
Till all I hold are lies,
That stain my hands the black of loss.
The truths from your mouth slowly die,
Decaying in this heart you stole,
This heart you shattered.
I called to you,
But too far you had strayed,
I reached for your hand,
But already they were full,
Full of brighter gems, others,
Picking gloatingly your next love,
Yet no jewels adorn my body,
For all love has fled me.
And how I long for even the pain,
That is you breaking me,
If it will mean just one more word,
One more touch,
One more kiss.

Scarlet Red 16 August 2006

i do admire poets making beautiful pieces like taken from somebody's feelings/idea... honestly, i cant create a poem not unless iv got the full emotion over something.... excellent job here! =)

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Raven Keller 21 December 2005

It surpassed her expectations :)

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Holly Heron 19 December 2005

i was asked to write this poem for a friend and i did. she gave me the idea and the outline of what she wanted. i wrote this for her and i hope it reaches her expectations as she deserves nothing less.

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