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Remember how I held your hand,
Remember how I kissed it,
Remember how you fell asleep,
Your head upon my shoulder?

This breath is stuck within my breast,
This heart caught between beats,
The tear still runs down my cheek,
Before my Lovers folly.

Step into my lair
This cool calm night
Step into my lair
And give into my plight.

My fallen angel,
My blessing,
Your tragedy,
On your way to heaven,

Sinking further into depression,
Can't keep my head above this ocean,
I just can't fight its downwards pull,
Feeling weights tied to my feet,

Hiding behind a smile,
I'm watching the world fly by,
I'm covering my pain,
Hiding behind a smile,

Don’t leave me alone,
This dark cold night,
Don’t leave me alone,
In this freezing fright,

Sitting in a crowd I miss you,
Sitting in a crowd I mourn,
Tears come to my eyes,
Then your laughter calls them out,

I miss you
Far away
Fighting wars that aren’t your own
Saving lives you do not know

A vision lays beforemine eyes,
And terror strickens me,
A world in flames,
The horsemen rise,

*inspired when I was doing slavery in class

These chains that bind my body,

I lie beneath the flame this night,
I bow before my death,
He takes my hand,
And holds me close,


I've heard hopes enough,
Enough to keep you alive,
They say that hopes a joyous feeling,
Hope that they''ll come back,

The lecturer drones on
Not noticing his sleeping students
And those dead with open eyes
A font of knowledge

I'd lost all hope of coming back
I'd lost all hope of love
I'd lost all hope of being me
Of being what you see

What do you see when you look at me?
Do you see the heartbroken girl you left so long ago?
Do you see the women i've become,
That I got over you so long ago?

Can't you see my pain,
Etched deep into my soul?
Can't you see my hunger,
Lusting after death?

I've heard hopes enough to keep you alive,
To pull you from the darkness,
I've heard it's enough to keep you sane,
To keep you in this life,

Time may pass
Distance may grow
But as long as you want me
I'm yours.

The marsh that I stand before shall yet soon be my end,
It's murky waters my destroyer,
The marsh grass my captor,
And how I yearn with such passion to step into my grave,

Holly Heron Biography

Hi well as you probably know by now my name is holly, and I'm only writing a bio because I dislike the fact that without writing it my life looked empty. As though I'd done nothing so far and did'nt aspire to do so. When in fact I aspire to much all the dreams in my head and the expectation of those dear to me. I know that probably sounds cliched but it's true. My poetry can seem kinda heavy, but I don't care. When I put a pen to paper what comes out sometimes, most of the time, feels beyond my control. the ideas and the words want out, so I let them be free, held down only by ink and paper where all are free to read.)

The Best Poem Of Holly Heron

Remember Me

Remember how I held your hand,
Remember how I kissed it,
Remember how you fell asleep,
Your head upon my shoulder?
I remember,
I remember the warmth of your body,
Pressed tightly against mine,
The press of your lips on my brow,
I remember desire,
In love was it wrapped,
I remember you.

Am i just a face amoung many?
A shadow of your past?
When your brushed by a warm nights breeze,
Remember my whispers to you?
Do you remember the moments of joy?
Do you remember our loss?
Do you remember all that I gave?
Do you even remember my name?

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Holly Heron Popularity

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