Forbidden Fruit Poem by Timothy Honeycutt

Forbidden Fruit

Look into your beautiful eyes and see the heaven and desire of men.
I see a heaven so beautiful and pure and sweet as honey from a hive on a summer day
But the sweet beauty before me that I see I may not have. For the beauty I see is a forbidden fruit
A fruit that is so sweet and wet from love that my mouth waters to taste the sweetness of her lips.
She is a fruit from a forbidden tree but her beauty calls to me. It calls to my heart and soul to reach out
And grasp the limb and pluck the sweetness of her from the tree. To press her sweet lips to mine is
A desire my heart yarns for. But my heart knows that her true beauty is not only on the shell of her body
But built also in her heart with the love of God deep within it. Her love for our lord makes her glow with
Pure beauty of heaven. She glows with love and beauty, a glow as bright as a setting sun on a summer
eve. She is a forbidden fruit for me but a treasure for the world to enjoy. That makes her my treasure as
well as the worlds to enjoy. I may not enjoy the fruit of the tree but I may enjoy the beauty of the tree.

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