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Bouncing to school you go every day,
Listening to what the teacher’s have to say.
There will be days when you think you feel sick,
But going to school will make your mind as strong as a brick.

(On the beach)
Sitting on the beach, the stars as our candle light,
Holding hands and our body’s close and tight.
Love and passion is in the air,

I dream of beauty, an image of such wonderful beauty.
No garden of roses could match the beauty I see.
No sculpture, no painting could capture such beauty I dream.
Only the angels in heaven could have greater beauty I dream.

As I sleep under the summer sun I dream of a maiden of beauty
I see the wind in her hair like that of wind moving the summer grass in a field
I see her eyes that sparkle like that of sun gleaming off the lake on a summer day
I see her warm face like that of a summer white rose, soft and beautiful to the touch

Look at the light in grandmothers eyes,
She is holding a wonderful surprise.
God has made another dream come true,
Another grandson just for you.

you need love that is very open and clear,
if you was mine I love you every day of the year.
Together we would grow old and our lust starts to fade,
we just sit in the shade and talk as we drink lemonade.

Love, it is a power and beautiful thing.
How a simple thing can change the our world so quickly
With love in one’s life it can seem like a brighter place to look upon.
That is how I feel about you. With you in my life the world is a much more beautiful and colorful place.

Have you ever just sit and wonder what heaven would be like?
I wonder if there will be a day and night?
There is days when I think my race is nearly run,
Sometimes I like to sit and say I am done.

my knees tremble from your beauty.
a beauty so pure and simple
a beauty so sweet only heaven
would have such sweet and simple beauty as yours

I see someone has lost a tooth,
But this is only steps we take in our youth.
looking at a smile made from heaven above,
Knowing it was made for us with God beautiful wondrous love.

She is perfect and sweet all that is pure,
She brings happiness to us all that we are sure.
She never cause us sorrow or pain,
Her love is warm and pure as a summer rain.

Your beauty is like that of a Gardner tending to his flowers making life more beautiful with each day you tend to them. I could only wish to be one of your flowers in your garden and hope to feel your gentle hands as you would tend to me. Your beauty is to me as rain is to a flower, giving it nourishment for life. your beauty is my rain and it makes my love grow for you like that of the flower. Your loving soul is that of Gods warmth coming from the sun to a flower. Your love is my sun and feeling it's warmth to the touch it makes my soul grow as the flower would on a summer day. How I ask to be your flower and you be my gardener of life.


What a beautiful creature I see before me,
What beauty and grace and love I see
What wonderful precision God had placed in forging you.
I wonder did he do this magnificent thing for me.

look at what he is building in the sand,
he'll have a castle and be king of the land.
he'll fight dragons and ugly monsters,
But that is part of being a youngster.

To look upon your beauty,
Illuminates our soul
How fortunate we are
that we have found the beauty so true

Greatest treasures are those to the eye but found by the heart
You my love are the treasure of my eye and my heart,
Feel my love in the warmth of the sun touching your skin,
Feel my breath when the wind blows through your hair

I stare in the night sky looking how beautiful the lord has made the stars shine and glimmer.
I look in your eyes and see the same beauty and love God made making the heavens
and see your beauty and how that beauty makes me shiver.
The moon and stars are a true and beautiful sight

I look down and see my grandchildren before me. I look down and do not see children.
I look down and see the jewels of heaven before my eyes,
Not stones dug from the deep earth but jewels sent from the lord our God in heaven.
No finer jewels on earth may man find then these that lay before me.

Look into your beautiful eyes and see the heaven and desire of men.
I see a heaven so beautiful and pure and sweet as honey from a hive on a summer day
But the sweet beauty before me that I see I may not have. For the beauty I see is a forbidden fruit
A fruit that is so sweet and wet from love that my mouth waters to taste the sweetness of her lips.

Your beauty is like a morning sunrise,
Beauty to my just opened eyes.
I see your beauty like that of a rose,
Watching it as its beauty continues to grow.

Timothy Honeycutt Biography

I wrote these poems for my wife when we was dating. I just never got around to logging them down and I wanted to do that now before I lost them to time.)

The Best Poem Of Timothy Honeycutt

Going To School

Bouncing to school you go every day,
Listening to what the teacher’s have to say.
There will be days when you think you feel sick,
But going to school will make your mind as strong as a brick.
You’ll get to meet new friends in class,
And at recess you get to go out and play in the grass.
You’ll have a special spot when comes lunch,
You gather with friends and go as a bunch.
With friends you’ll giggle and laugh in the hall,
Then comes gym class and you might get to play ball.
While in school you’ll have to pay attention,
If not you must might just get detention.
There be days when you just don’t like school,
And tell yourself, school is just not cool.
Then as you grow older, wiser and tall,
You start to miss those faces you seen every fall.
You’ll start to think school was not that bad of a place,
In fact school was truly a wonderful place.


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