Silent cries of sad goodbyes
those dark blue eyes that lie
The hurt inside still trapped in my
chest so bruised and weak
And in the night the dark of hour
I lay my head and to this power
my heart grows weak of you it speaks
And tears come flowing down
If love hurts so when u let go
The pain inside I just cant hide
and the answers still unknown
Will it come right will I win the fight
the air outside is dark no light
This broken heart has grown apart
from you and all your ways
And grasping for the right of days
I cannot let you take my soul
I cannot let you take control
Fighting to forget your name
wanting to lose you in the shame
I hate the things you did to me
the things i feel and things I see
Blackened by the sight of fear
your voice is all I hear
How do I lose you in my life
this heart as black as coal
Burn the photos
scrape your name off of my soul
I will forget the sight and smell
The way u pushed me around
In life and death you'll know my name
but this heart will not be found!