Get Up! Stand Proud!

I dont know what to do anymore
you've pushed me aside, shut the door
without reason you've thrown me aside
and i thought in you i could confide

What is going on with you
is there nothing any of us can do?
If you dont tell us what is wrong
how can we help you and make you strong?
If you dont tell us
what can we do
if you dont share
what's bothering you

This life is too precious
and yours is unique
Your a beautiful woman
you make many lifes complete
your worth all the world
not just to me
To everyone caring
and we wish you could see

My heart is breaking
i miss your friedship so much
and it's yours for the taking
if you only reach out and touch
This nonsense must stop NOW!
your worth more than this
let me in and we can sow
new seeds of happiness!

Get up! Up on your feet!
Stand proud, cus people care
Get up! You are complete
Stand proud, just know we are there
Get up! DAMMIT! This is not you
Stand proud, cus thats what WE DO! !

Original Unknown Girl 27 March 2007

Carike! I love this poem, especially the last line! ! Sometimes friends infuriate us but underneath it all we do still love them.... I hope your message gets across. HG: -) xx

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