Forgive Me Poem by macaulay akinbami

Forgive Me

Rating: 5.0

Do, please do.
I did foolishly, so foolishly now I am ashamed I did it to you,
Please forgive me; I am still shocked, that I could hurt a good friend like you,
There must be something in me that must be tamed,
I owe you so many apologies,
You owe me nothing but Prayers;
You are my best asset,
The golden, the pearl that I cherished the most,
The friends I’ve always desired to be with,
I did not mean it so,
Please forgive me,
I long to see you again,
Your kindness makes me the more ashamed
That I consider my luck in meeting a friend like you
When I see you again, pray I do,
I owe you true love,
I missed our friendship,
The smiles,
Our tears also when we are sincere,
I love you better now,
Especially now that I see my wrongs,
You were right,
I messed up, Trust me I did,
To a my own best friend,
If I meet you before I die,
I owe you a true confession of love,
Before I die, I ask for true forgiveness,
You are my friend,
Forgive me.

Kristina Carr 10 May 2011

Your plea for forgiveness is very vivid and emotional. I can see your struggle in your writing. I hope that the object of your writing will truly find you again and see the real you. Great work.

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