There Is A Lion In Me Poem by Oluseyi Akinbami

There Is A Lion In Me

The lion in me,
Don’t dare, I am sold out to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah
You know Him,
I received mercy,
Inner peace replaced the turbulence within,
You cannot understand,
I was picked up from the “gutter most” part of the earth
I was wounded by the dragon,
That old dragon, he cornered me in the trench of disobedience
To a loving God,
No wonder, life was twinge, wrench and spasm
How could I?
Turned enemy to the One who gave me breath
He gave the heat to keep me warm
The rain to wet my lips and give me life again
The green
The harvest of plenty, from where I get my food
The friends to keep me company
The enemies to caution my arrogance and pride
Yet, to this great One, I was a rebel
A real rebel
How could I?
He kept me from many evil
Both by day and by Night
Oh yes, by night from the terrors too many
Even in my ignorance,
They struck and tore me a little
I woke with marks of unknown darts
But that was before I met Him
Yeah, many a times was I pierced until I realized
He was first pierced
And needless be my sorrow
How could I ignore such a deliverer?
How could I?
I wasted many years in bondage
Into the cup of every wine,
I went down the primroses path,
Manipulated by unseen hands
Men and women of the coven
Who worked tirelessly with heads upside in the dark daily,
Wicked workers over whom my might is in Him
They came for the kill
But He said my times are in His Hands
How could I?
I was a fool,
A Christian I thought I was, for church attendance
Never knew my rights in God
Don’t be angry with me,
I was foolish,
Too busy working for God,
But never once “walked with Him”
When my troubles were many,
I looked upward,
He pointed me to the Cross,
The Cross,
The Blood,
The Name,
The Victory,
The Lion did it all for me,
He said, I bore it all,
On my knees, again,
After years of foolishness,
I cried save me
He did and still does,
There is a lion in me.
Join me.
Jesus saves.

Kristina Carr 10 May 2011

I can see your struggle to find the path you have chosen. Great writing.

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Stewart Gideon 10 May 2011

i think i've learnt a very interesting word and i like it 'gutter-most'. quite crazy and funny but it really shows humility and gratitude. nice job dear.

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