Forgotten Workers

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This is an ode to a special kind of worker
To a worker we don't talk about
This is an ode for all the escorts, all the hustlers, the hookers, the rent-boys, the
strippers, the lady boys, the call girls, the masseurs and masseuses.
This is for the working girl that sits sipping her martini waiting for that special
someone to notice her
For the working girl with a special 9 inch tool to meet your wildest fantasies
This is for the working boy that gets his muscles worshipped so you can get off
To the boy that listens to your desires Instead of your wife who still won't try it
This is for the dominatrix that'll spank you hard enough to give you the pleasure
you've been craving
To the freaks that'll suck your toes the way everyone else is to afraid to
This is for the workers who are just trying to work
Who just want to get through school
Who just want to just make rent or give their kids some kind of decent living
This is an ode for the stigma you place on us
For thinking of us as diseased and undeserving of your love
For thinking we work because we're too dumb to do anything else
Here's an ode for all the workers who have to put up with your bullshit
For having to deal with your savior-complex and so-called feminism
No, this is for the workers who are tired of you using them as your missionary
project pushing your sexual standards rooted in insecurities
This is an ode for those fighting for their rights
Who are tired of having their condoms taken away
Who are tired of being told what they can and cannot do with their own bodies
Who are tired of having their voices silenced
This is an ode for having to deal with violence you pretend not to see
For dealing with clients who try to take advantage
For dealing with religious hypocrites still pushing legislation against us
Or the cops who talk about "saving us" only to beat and rape us
This is an ode for all these workers

Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: sex
Chinedu Dike 09 July 2019

An insightful rendition set aside for sober reflection. Well conceived and nicely penned with clarity of thought and mind. A beautiful creation written with conviction. Thanks for sharing, Silas.

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