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' Four Baking Ingredients... ' - Poem by MoonBee Canady

(a.k.a. Cooking Lessons Using 4 DNA Letters Recipe)

(Genesis 1: 11,21,24,25,26,27
(Genesis 2: 7, 18–24 / Matt.13: 10–15)

Eureka! … Evolutionists Have Discovered!
4 DNA Letters (& maybe even 4 DNA Strands)
And This Information Uncovered
Makes Them Darwin’s Biggest Fans!

Eureka! …
Evolutionists Have Exclaimed!
The Connection “Theory”
In Evolution’s Chain …

That Everything On Earth
Has Those DNA Strains
& That All Life Evolved
From Mutated Change
(But That Doesn’t Link-Up! –
Let Me Explain:

Evolutionists Applaud & Are Pointing To:
4 DNA Letters Comprising DNA Strands
Saying This Proves That ‘Evolution Drew’
The “Design–Jump” From Ameba To Man

Now Granted, If All Things
On Earth Began
With Those 4 DNA Letters
In The DNA Strands

and All Living Things Here
Are Related In Bands
Still, Doesn’t Mean Humans
Were Once An Ape-Brand

See, In My Kitchen:
Are 4 Cooking Ingredients
They Are My Milk, Eggs,
Flour & Sugar Mix Antecedents

Call Them My Four DNA Letters
of My Chef Shelves-Strand
(and Sometimes I Even Use
The Same Baking Pan)

But With These 4 Baking
I Can Make Varieties (or Kinds)
Of Delicious Dessert Dishes

I Can Make:
Cakes, Cookies, Doughnuts & Pies
& They All Have Those 4 Baking
Ingredients Inside
(The Milk, Eggs, Flour
& Sugar Supplied)

So Listen! … An ‘Expert Cook’ Knows
What They Are About To Create
& The (Kind) of Dish They Are To Make
Didn’t Have To Change
Compensate or Mutate

& Those 4 Found
(ACGT) Ingredients
Are Included In
The MRCA–Mix Precedents

And Each Specific Biosynthesis
or All Natural Dish
(May Have A DNA Dash of That
& A DNA Dash of This …)

But A Polymer-Sliced-Pie
Still Comes Out A Pie
& A Clustering-Covered-Cake
Still Comes Out A Cake:

It May Be “Cytosine-Chocolate”
or “Polymerase-Pecan”
But The Pie or The Cake Stayed
In Its Bond-Range-Bake ‘Til Done

and A “Coalescent-Theory Cookie”
Is Still A “Coalescent-Chipped” Cookie …
and A “Dendrogram-Doughnut”
Is Still A Doughnut … (Rookie!)

It May Be Tasty Like “Genome-Ginger”
or “Butter-Glazed-Blueprint”
It May Be “Adenine-Apple-Stripped
or “Chromosome-Coconut-Mint”

and The Only Way The Dessert
Will Get Mutated
Is If Mutagen-Tampered With
(or After Somebody Ate-It! … lol)

Look! I Know You Point To A Little Mouse
That Changes Its Fur A Darker Color
But Heck! People Do That Trick
Just About Every Summer!

And It Doesn’t Mean
They’re About To Mutate
It Just Means That They
Stayed Too Long In Sun & Baked!

But It’s Not An Evolve
It’s A Devolve Mistake
Humans May Get Skin Cancer
But They’re Still Human – At Any Rate!

So About That Little Mouse’s
DNA Strand …
Uh! Well, Human Beings Call That
… A Tan

And Even If A Little Mouse
Can Change Its Hue
It’s “Still” A Mouse
It Didn’t Change Into A Gnu …
(or A Monkey or even into you)

Now, It’s So Obvious
Each “Kind” Was Created
Yes, We Are of Earth
So We Are Related

But See, GOD’s Word Said
All Living Things Were Made Separate
It Looks Like Evolutionists
Are Just Getting Desperate!

The Bible States That All Life
Was Created According To “Its Kind”
(Gen.1: 11,21,24,25,26,27 & Gen.2: 7,18–24)
Man Didn’t Evolve From Animals
Man Was Made Fully Formed – Divine

Even In Our Everyday Language
You Can See & Hear It If You’re Blind!
There’s A Reason Why We Call “Us” …
“Humankind” & “Mankind”

And No Matter How You Look
Or Where You Look To or Behind
Or When You Look – Or If You Look
That Is What You Will Find …

Have You Not Seen
Every Species’ Signs
Is Within Its Same “Kind”
Time & Time Thru Time? …

Look! Check This Out
Open Your Eyes …
The Cooking-Timer Was Set
For You To Realize …

The Stove Was Baking Up
Some Humble Pies
& The Heat Is About
To Make ‘Em Rise!

Look FATHER, Some Novice-Cooks Found
… The Baking Soda!
But They Still Refuse To Acknowledge

Mankind Is Earth’s
Piece De’ Resistance’
But Some Men Still Refuse
To Top It With Real “Sequence-Sense”
(They Like The Sequence Antisense)

‘Cause Anyway You Look At It …
Kitchen-Oven Had To Have A Spark
& Even A Big-Bang-Theory
Had To Have Somebody Start …

Eureka! – Evolutionists
Soon Will Have Discovered
That By Arrogance & The Devil
… They Have Been Suckered!

Written & ©: 12/24/2011

By: The MoonBee

DNA’s Four Letters: ACGT
A (Adenine) C (Cytosine) G (Guanine) T (Thymine)
Is The Scientific Abbreviation Twine

A (Always) C (Choose) G (GOD) T (To-Trust)
Is That Ladder of Mine I Climb …

(Twas’ December 24th
& All Thru The House
Not A Creature Was Mutating
… Not Even A DNA Mouse)


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