Free Yourself Poem by Larry Perry Sr

Free Yourself

Tell me girl how long has it been since you're been a prisoner of your own love afraid to escape all your fears that lurks in your heart

Free Yourself and let the words be heard I'm here listening with open ears and a warm Heart

From this day forward Free Yourself of any doubt of you and I of being in love

Living a life above the sky everyday will be like paradise

Free Yourself you can't turn me off even if you try I will love until I die be there to dry your tears when you cry

I knew from the very first moment I saw you, you loved me first with those beautiful eyes and I loved back from across the room

That's talking serious Square Biz baby so let the games begin from there we will see who will wins who's Hearts first

Congratulations baby on our new life together be mine until the end of time

I will learn to respect the power of love Stay With Me Baby you know how to love me right

Tonight baby it's just you and I candle light burning just right with sweet soft music playing our favorite song while we sip on a glass of Chardonnay

I've never thought I see the day that I'll be loving you, whatever it takes to make you stay, just say it baby I do it for you

I'll be your Soldier of Love I want to be inside you morning noon and night

These are the times I think of you the most

Let me take you all around the world buy you Rubie's Diamonds and Pearls

For there will be no more rain in our lives after the pain we once bared in the hands of others

Something inside my heart is telling me it's time to sattle down

I've been down this road once or twice before but never had feelings so real and true until I met you

No one in the world means as much to me as you do right now so baby stay with me until the end of time

Free yourself baby don't mind what other people say they will talk anyway, keep looking into your heart and you will find the truth that was hidden for so very long

Longing for a soft touch of man and a man to call your own free yourself baby

Free yourself baby I'm here I'm Yours come into my world


Larry Perry Sr 15 May 2018

Thanks for reading The loved one. I guess we will see when she come along LOL! Have a blessed day God bless you

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The loved one 15 May 2018

Hope she is brave enough to say yes

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