Softly Whisper Poem by Larry Perry Sr

Softly Whisper

Rating: 4.5

Softly Whisper

She comes to me when I'm not looking, she comes to me quietly for no one else can hear her come to me

Here to me she comes to my room in the middle of the night with a voice of an angel speaking to me in a Softly Whisper in my ear as I sleep

Waking me so I can see her face, but as I became fully awake, the first thing I was able to see was her bedroom eyes staring down on me

A beautiful sight I must say to the lease to be awakened by such a Softly Whisper lady

No one can hear her but me for some reason, it's not a dream, because she's really here to be heard by only me, but seen by others, yes she is real

As real as any other woman can be, but she Softly Whisper only to me

Larry Perry, Sr.

Softly Whisper
Larry Perry Sr 15 May 2018

Thank you Weslee for reading and your honesty there's no love lost. I don't know what made me put that picture up lol... have a blessed day and may God continue blessing you and your writing. And I will get around to checking out your work as well

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Weslee Sampel 14 May 2018

ok the picture was unnecessary but the poem was fantastic (it creeped me out a little) .9

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