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I've been writing since December of 2017. I'm finding myself in my writing and really enjoy writing for the words comes to mind so easyly for to put on paper. It's a God. blessing since I didn't start learning until I was in the six grade.

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If the sky is high and the ground is low what in between

The only thing that can be in between the sky and the ground, it's not round or square and can't be seen for what it is

But bare in mind it's well needed when we don't have it and realize we took it for granted once we don't have it

Stare into the sky, look onto the ground, there's nothing there to be found

But don't you frown upon what you can't find, for what you seek hides behind your eyes

Yes we need this badly but it wares a disguise for us not to see it when it come and when it gose, but we can always feel its present when is far or near

And how wonderful to breath it, even though we need it badly

I love to breathe the air you breathe is what we need, is air to breath


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Larry Perry Sr Popularity

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