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Freedom Writers For Anne Frank 164 - Poem by Freedom Writers

You are in
The sanctum of poetry
Leave your books
Before your sins

Break the past
Rebuild the present
The poetry is
The future

The poetry that wasn't born yet
Is your golden chance
To be a father

Get lost
And let poetry
Find you

For meditation
Is the end of knowledge
And the beginning of poetry

Be on the dark side
Of the moon
To write poetry
On the white side

In the kitchen of poetry
You need the knife of time
To chop
The apples of mind

Go inward
Poetry inside

Let poetry write you
Before you write poetry

You are your poetry
Don't commit suicide
By killing your poetry

Paint the poetry
On the canvas of soul
Before you write it
On the piece of paper

Let your mind be the sea
Let your heart be the sun
The rains on the sky
The poetry will be

You are the poem of god
So write yourself
Before you write
Your poetry

Climb the rainbow
Poetry is a color
Between reality
And imagination

Poetry is above earth
Poetry is below god
Poetry is the bridge
Have it bridged

Put on
The suit of galaxy
Poetry is
The jacket of stars

Poetry is resurrection
Don't be false messiah

Close the doors
Close the windows
The strongest poetry
Breaks the walls

Happy with pain
The most beautiful poetry
Is the most painful

Be overburdened
By poetry and rain
To see the time
Become green
And see the green
Become words
And see the words
Become flowers

Dream in poetry
Poetry and dreams
Create freedom

Take off your fingers
Fingers of poetry
Of much higher
Grasping powers

Be the circuit
Poetry is A.C.
Tween the seen
And the unseen

Lose your mind
You find your poetry

Word makes poetry
Poetry makes meaning
You be that meaning

If you want poetry
To be your home
Be homeless

Neither be an ant
Nor be an elephant
To have poetilibrium
In case you fall in
The gravity field
Of poetry

Don't wait for tomorrow
Poetry is now

Poetry is a rite
So be the right wright
To write this rite

To understand
The circle of poetry
Be the centre

Doors of poetry
Have to be glassy
To see well
Windows of reality

Try no else
What you find in poetry
Enough to find by it
What you need to find
In any but poetry

You paint not nor lift
Your poetry for you
The sea is not blue
For the sea
And the sky is not high
For the sky

The water needless fish
The air needless bird
The earth needless horse
Is your poetry
So have it
You have the ends

Wonder not
The sky of poetry
Is the only sky in which
You are flying and sleeping
At the same time

Don't say
I need more
You've poetry books
And freedom
What else more

That he who wants
To grasp
Let him grasp that
Poetry is both
The end
And the means

Poetry is not to be
Where to be is not
Where poetry is not to be
So be where
Poetry is not to be
Where to be is not
Where poetry is not to be

To reach above the words
And beyond the meanings
You reach poetry

Undress your pride
Undress your tyranny
Just your time
To dress your glory
When you dress
Your poetry

Pretend happiness
Pretend poetry
Pre the end
You are
A happy poet

Rewrite yourself
To have your poetry

When you feel alone
When you feel lonely
When you feel cut off
Open the door
Poetry is knocking

Lose the moments
Many lost moments
Are always needed
Just to find
Some poetry

Don't you see
Your eyes closed the curtains
The poetry closed it's eyes
It's the moment before
Open the windows

Don't curse lines
The first line is in heaven
The last line is your soul
And the middle
Is your poetry

Let your poetry
Be the difference
You wanted to see
In the world

See the world inside
Poetry is somewhere
Between the world
And the word

It's the genius of belle
That wrote
The poetry of football
What genius do you have
To write
The poetry of mindball
You decide

It's easy to make man
Through poetry
But it's hard to make poetry
Through man
Choose the hard

In the battle of poetry
When you've to escape
Escape to victory

When you swim in the sea of poetry
Imagine yourself as if you were
The last dolphin swimming
How would you swim

Topic(s) of this poem: flower, free

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