Freeze! Your Under Arrest! Poem by Nora Eason

Freeze! Your Under Arrest!

You knocked down this wall, I built to protect
myself from getting hurt.
You came right in and tore it apart.
A gun and knife, you did not use,
A mask and gloves, you did not need.
All it took was a hello and a smile,
And then when I let my guard down,
You stole my heart.
Yes, baby you stole my heart.
You knew you would from the start,
You knew that love is a powerful thing,
And you knew that love has the power to break
through any obstacle that stands in your way.
I pick the phone up and I dial love's 911,
Operator, I would like to report a noncrime please,
Someone came and tore down the wall I had built
to protect myself from getting hurt.
He came in and stole my heart.
Would you send an Officer, please? Thank you Mam.
The Officer arrives, draws his gun and says,
Freeze! Your Under Arrest!
Oh, Officer please don't take him to jail,
He only took my heart, And I don't want it back,
All I ask is, if you would just let me read him,
his love's miranda rights, then everything will
be alright,
And I'll be truly grateful,
With the nod of the Officer's head,
I smile and turn to the stealer of my heart,
and say,
You have the right to say whatever you want and you
don't have to refuse to answer questions.
Anything you do say may not be used against you
in the house of Matrimony.
You have the right to consult God before speaking
to the Pastor and have a best man present
during questioning.
You don't have to worry about affording an attorney,
Because there is no need for one.
If you cannot afford to live without me,
Then tell me you love me, and that I'm the one God has appointed
for you before any questioning if you wish.Do you understand?
If you decide to answer my question now
without a Pastor present, you will still have the right
to kiss me at any time and after you talk to My Father
and the Pastor. Do you understand?
Knowing and understanding your rights as I
have explained them to you, are you willing to answer My questions with an I do?

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