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~friends4ever~ - Poem by Erica Lee

I have a friend who knows me better than others
She understands me
Even if I didn't tell her anything
She knows it right away just from looking at my face
She's quiet and gentle

She's not like my other friends
She listens to me any time, any day, any hour, any second, any multisecond
She's always there ready to listen
She never tries to make others feel bad
She... she always risk things just for other people

Because of her, I began to be sacrificial
I feel so guilty when I call people stupid
Yet, she taught me to see the world as a glittering star
She taught me to always be confident
Most of all, she taught me to love myself

No matter how I humiliated myself
She taught me to love myself
She told me that if I want look at the world like a shining place, I first have to love myself and believe in myself
No matter what circumstances, I must always trust myself

My friend is very thoughtful
Because of her, I always smile
She wants people to smile
She'll do anything to make people happy
Because of her, I wanted to do anything to make people happy
Even if I had to embarrass myself, I would still do that

She's very forgiving
Even when people are mean to her
She let's it go, she understands them
' The reason why they're mean to me is because I have something that other's can't have. I am grateful to have something that others don't have. I would be like them because I am jealous. You see, before you fire up, think of their position. Wouldn't you be mean to someone you are jealous of? Also, to keep everything going safe is forgiving. Weak people can't forgive, only people who are strong are able to forgive, ' she told me
I then started forigiving without a hesitation

She really understands things and let's it go
She taught me that in order to keep the strong bond between family and friends is forgiving
The reason why some bonds are weakening is because there's no forgiveness

She taught me that you always need to have courage or a mind when doing something
She taught me to look what I have
She told me that instead of envying what others don't have, I should be happy of what I have
There's people who are envious of me because I have what they don't have

I know one thing for sure is that some people are envious of me because I have a great friend like her
She moved away, but she calls me every weekends
That's a true friend
A true friend not only understands you but teaches you something
She's my friend and I won't forget her
Even if I'm old
I'll always say to myself that she and I are true friends forever.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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