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my friend has a new guy
he's evil in my eye
it's only been about two weeks
and already her body reeks

my heart has been broken
and you ask if I love you
what can I love you with
if not my heart?

you tell me you understand
you tell me I can talk to you
you tell me to trust you
and that you've been put through this too

I watch you cry
over this same guy
day and night
filled with fright

The image is stacking in your head
Your sister’s lifeless body cold and dead
Tears streaming down your cheeks
The smell of her body reeks

with a break of the heart
there's a break of the mind
you somehow lose yourself
it's like there's nothing to find

I hope
I know it's stupid to hope
it always seems so pointless
so useless

it's ok to cry
it's ok to scream
it's ok to be shy
it's ok to be mean

erase Me
forget Me
dropp Me
lose Me

I am Fire
you are Ice
I am mean
you are nice

your fire
I'm ice
your mean
I'm nice

I can't think of what to do
I'm sitting here crying
Over you
Your leaving me

before you leave
I have one wish
just end my life
let me be done with this

Pull me into your arms and hold on tight
my head on your chest
This feels so right
Your breath on my neck and a chill down my spine

I found myself smiling
for the first time in a long while
because I realized
id soon be walking down the aisle

although he is dark I can't stay away
the pull to be near him gats stronger each day
no matter the troubles
no matter the risks

If I cry
will you hear?
If I scream
will you come?

I like the dark it keeps me sane
it wipes away my tears
and pushes away the pain

tears roll down my face
drip, drip, drip

that's all I hear as the tears fall

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Theres not Much You Need To Know About Me There's A Reason For Closed Doors, So You Can't See What's Behind Them. What Happens When You Nudge At It, And It Opens? Do You Go In And Find Out What's Not Supposed To Be Known Or Do You Close The Door And Walk Away, And Let The Opportunity Pass By......There's A Question To Everything And Only A Few Answers Are Said, So We Try Look At Life As A Problem, One That's Just Waiting To Be Solved...But This Equation Doesn't Have An Answer, So You Just Have To Guess And Hope... That It's Right, Knowing Only A Few Answers Will Be Right And Most Of Them Wrong, Because Life's A test One That Nobody Studied For.)

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All He Want's From Her, Is Sex Sex Sex

my friend has a new guy
he's evil in my eye
it's only been about two weeks
and already her body reeks

it smells of him and his cigarettes
he said 'don't look back
there will be no regrets'

but all he wanted was
they hardly ever talk
they just text

but he carries an item with him
use and create sin

because to him she's just a toy
to give away when her tricks get old
leave her alone scared and cold
but he doesn't care because he's a 15 year old boy

and all he wants from her is

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Joy nice 28 July 2019

I love that

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