Friendship Metaphors Poem by Dyhanara Rios

Friendship Metaphors

Friendship is a garden for my friends and I,
And we’ve sworn that the plants would never die.
The laughs we shared as we gave it care
Were as bright and lively as the flowers there.
The bonds we’ve grown with the seeds we’ve sown
Are greater than all the others I’ve known.

Friendship is a ship that sometimes sinks in time,
But the one my friends and I ride sails just fine.
The stories we share as we journey everywhere
Were wonderful and uplifting like the ocean air.
There are many storms throughout the many seas,
But nothing enough to break their friendship with me.

Friendship is flying through the brightest sky,
And no one could bring us down if they tried.
We saw the silver lining of every color of cloud,
And together we’ve gotten others off the ground.
Whether we are on the ground, ocean, or sky,
We will be friends forever as time passes us by.

Chlo 07 November 2021

Dear writer, What is this poem about and what was your inspiration

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harshy bar 17 December 2020

Metaphor do not use words " like" or " as" only simile use it.

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...... 02 February 2020

Nvm they are supposed to be metaphors. Oops

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..... 02 February 2020

Those are metaphors. They do not use like or as...

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Olivia 24 July 2018

there are no instrutshonds

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Dyhanara Rios

Dyhanara Rios

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