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Friendship is a garden for my friends and I,
And we’ve sworn that the plants would never die.
The laughs we shared as we gave it care
Were as bright and lively as the flowers there.

(1st place winner of Texas Career Association Poetry Contest 2010)

When I am done with school,
I am turning right back around

This is who we are
A Movement, a cause
The People who will
Put your perceptions to pause

Sleep soundly, dear
And do not dream
The nightmares I dream

Your smile is another sun;
Listen now, it’s just that pretty.
It could power a whole house,
No, it could power a whole city.

Why does it feel like we’re drifting
Apart more and more each day?
The smiles we trade have started to fade,
And my heart needs you more each day.

When the drone of the school day
Became a terrible bore,
The best of friends would hang out
For a moment under the old sycamore.

Turn away now! This is the me
I never wanted you to see.
My true colors start to show;
The ones I never wanted you to know.

Her needles warned you to stay away
But you crossed the boundary anyway
You held her tight until you bled
You longed to place a kiss on her forehead

In this awkward evening hour
The music flows in beat with my heart
As I express the ache of being apart.
My keyboard's on battery power;

I spotted some sunflowers:
Concealing the lawn in a blanket of gold,
In the early dawn it’s a beauty to behold.
Covered in glistening, glass drops of dew,

I’m in math class…
Five minutes
Until the bell rings.

What are the happier times, and
How do I describe them?
Apples and caramel?
Thrilling band concerts?

If I could save one soul
From the eternal depths of hell,
I’d probably save my own
And simply wish you well.

It’s not a hobby, it’s a way of life.
It’s an outlet for stress and strife.
It’s an escape to a different world
Or understanding what’s going on around you.

I was shocked but didn't mind
When you put me on the spot
I held my ground and delivered
Without a second thought


I cannot sleep
When my mind is running
Faster than my will to sleep
And I'm far too busy weeping

The words bubble at my lips,
But I refuse to speak anyway.
For once, I'll keep quiet
And silence the dreary thoughts.

I must be the one to blame
For the call that never came.

I’m a failure at friendship

This is my sad poetic attempt
To slow down this last goodbye.

I knew today was coming;

Dyhanara Rios Biography

Poet and piano/vocalist Dyhanara Rios has been active in writing poetry, reading it to others, and entering contests for the past four years. In 2010, Rios has won First Place in Texas for the Texas Career Association Poetry Contest, and Honorable Mention at the Northside Independent School District May Day Poetry Contest (and published in the contest's anthology) .)

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Friendship Metaphors

Friendship is a garden for my friends and I,
And we’ve sworn that the plants would never die.
The laughs we shared as we gave it care
Were as bright and lively as the flowers there.
The bonds we’ve grown with the seeds we’ve sown
Are greater than all the others I’ve known.

Friendship is a ship that sometimes sinks in time,
But the one my friends and I ride sails just fine.
The stories we share as we journey everywhere
Were wonderful and uplifting like the ocean air.
There are many storms throughout the many seas,
But nothing enough to break their friendship with me.

Friendship is flying through the brightest sky,
And no one could bring us down if they tried.
We saw the silver lining of every color of cloud,
And together we’ve gotten others off the ground.
Whether we are on the ground, ocean, or sky,
We will be friends forever as time passes us by.

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