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Friendzone (Rap Song) - Poem by Aziz Akrish

Yo check this out, sometimes I cannot sing, but I just want to sing, this is a song dedicated to all of them in friend zones.

[Verse 1]
You might felt this, every time you want to strike you miss, you see her your palms sweat, you heart aches like its in debt, you feel like your heart caged in, about to explode the day you met, its all good until you get the threat, its friend zone, its when you became upset, you thought this was no luck no roulette, she is the beauty, the brunette, just know one thing I love you, I love everything about you, this is the first time I said this to you, but that's what I felt never told you, I am afraid because time is ticking and I might not come in due, In a cage I am locked trying to escape through, the nearest opening I find to get to you, It is hard as my love day by day accrues, It just feels like a countless queue, thing is I cannot cut in line feels like an endless loop of Deja vu.

2x: It's the Friend zone, the locked cage you cannot escape from.

[Verse 2]
Stuck with the friend zone, yea you lost your throne, you were ready to disown, everything for her, yea they can trigger you blown, but you know one thing is you will fight, because you know she is the one right, you tell the world good night, but insecurities bite, now you are determined to smite, anyone in your way because you are her knight, any poem for her you will cite, you stand to defend her with might, her you never despite, she makes your sun bright, I am going to say it outright, you profess your love to her that's what you thought right? every time she walks by you are out of sight, but as I write, this is tight, and I end this verse alright.

2x: It's the Friend zone, the locked cage you cannot escape from.

[Verse 3]
I feel so miserable, I cannot confess to you, maybe its unthinkable, as I sit here wish for a miracle, I just want a typical, love story, because with you I am invincible, I know my feelings are admissible, its you, you are irresistible, I'd do anything for you be a criminal, maybe this problem is fixable, if I just have the courage or stoop so low and be despicable, but if it means to be with you, then I shall be hated or discriminated, its just you are my source of happiness, being with you makes me in a state being vindicated, maybe It's anticipated, till then I initiated, I cannot do it because I will be humiliated, but here I do it, its the only thing I admit, my love to you, I bite down my teeth like I clip, but there I said it, she loves me too, guess I won't slit, my wrist again, sky is blue, but in the end this was all a skit, that was written head, it was all dreams I drew.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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