From Below They Crawl Poem by Ricky Lewis

From Below They Crawl

Point, this sight is unsound, fairest in the loving coal
Golden light beams down to my incandescent soul
Cold copper structure rise infinitely, the sky stained blights
Surrounded by millions of suns, millions of lights
All who have died, unknowing unwilling truth evading
Gripped to the platforms above the ground remaining
Post empyrean unnatural catastrophe unfold
The very foundations of heaven cannot hold

The light lies, the suns do not protect
As a human being, dislocated, indirect
Cast from the tangible existence, a dream state this is
From above, from below, they crawl, slither, take us away
From this day on, life shall remain
Shattered, torn destroyed, the invasion underway

Perfection raped by the inharmonious cries of those from below
Ideal existence in pieces, drenched in tears, wilted and frayed

The end is cold and empty, the cycles of life and death unstructured
From the icy womb of god, the fetus, black eyes and bloody is ruptured
Through the clouds, through the stars and the nebulae the savior will fall
The edges of space, cracks in the fabric, the end of time will call

Falling through space, the tremendous duel ravages, millions of years per second
A fateful chance, two thousand and twelve, the mighty destroyers crash upon a speck of crust
The great cataclysm rages through, benevolent race demolished, their ends reckoned
As the final charge is called, millions of mankind fight, and the world crushed into dust.

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