Ricky Lewis Poems

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Where Do I Go From Here?

Walk to the sun, my friend
For it shall never set on your side
And never bow your head
As the star will warm you inside

A Speck Of Dust In An Endless Black

Six days wrought a smoldering existence, the start of a tragedy
Genesis to Revelation, create a chaotic inharmonic malady
A strike at the tightly wound heartstrings, lacerated soul,
Are we all nothing but what we form as a whole?

From Below They Crawl

Point, this sight is unsound, fairest in the loving coal
Golden light beams down to my incandescent soul
Cold copper structure rise infinitely, the sky stained blights
Surrounded by millions of suns, millions of lights

Unholy Bloodbath

Suffering in the womb of Elohim, damned and diseased
An empire with foundations planted in the soil of ignorance
A perfect creation defiled through rape and perjury
A vengeful lords wrath composed vile dissonance

Scratching At The Inside Of Your Coffin

Screaming at the top of your lungs
Buried beneath six feet of hell
Clawing, digging, scratching, seething
Towards the faintest light that signs demise

The Great Sun Machine

Great watching god above, far but brightening
Simply staring at the speck of sand spinning
Millions of years of treacherous masquerade
Knowing not that our sun is alien made


The searing creation’s heat that consumes
It’s ashen cloud preserves the burned nerves
Collective conscious it now assumes
While the singularity above only observes


The golden sheen, the cosmic needle crashes
Intertwine the fabric of existence once more
The aural thread built around solar empires,
Diesel powered almighty creator

The Divine Eye

You spend your days teaching to obey
The world of a master yet to display
A true face yet he preaches to your masses
That his true form is just your own asses


“He’ll stand on his own two heads, watching, waiting
Brought to life, cast to death, Re-unimagined
Unable to retrace though is mind will intertwine
Birthed and aborted at the same instant.”

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