Funeral For A Friend Poem by Edward Veilleux

Funeral For A Friend

At his funeral there will be sadness and tears,
Some are fake but some have been forged through years.
Through the best of times, and equally through the worst.
It'd be interesting to see who would speak up first...
It could be Andre, missing his brother, never to be the same,
'Edward, in life you were hurt, now sleep without pain.'
It could be Langdon, with tears being held back,
'Edward, we knew you and we'll always have that.'
It could be Kyle, hating funerals but forcing himself to go,
'Eddy, out of all people, why'd it have to be you bro? '
It could be Jay, usually filled with words of advice,
'Eddy man, you were awesome, thanks for being in my life.'
It could be Phil, usually the one to speak up,
'Eddy, you were with us for twenty years, it wasn't enough.'
Or would it be Renee, tears streaming from her green eyes.
'Eddy, you meant alot, thank you for your time.'
What can be said from years of friendship?
'He was good to us all, so by all he'll be missed.'

Hanae Meloul 28 April 2008

hi it's me a good poem i love it.keep it up.

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Miss Rainbow 22 April 2008

wow love this poem really good

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