Edward Veilleux

Rookie (1986 / Sudbury)

Edward Veilleux Poems

1. The Past 10/20/2006
2. Endless Waltz 10/24/2006
3. To Logan 10/24/2006
4. Open Door Dream 10/24/2006
5. Our Culture 10/24/2006
6. Sadness Shared 10/24/2006
7. Soceity 10/24/2006
8. Wasting Away 10/24/2006
9. Lack Of Care 10/28/2006
10. Name 10/28/2006
11. Child At Heart 10/28/2006
12. Are You Happy? 11/27/2006
13. Eight Hour Day 2/5/2007
14. From A Poet To A Reader 2/5/2007
15. From One Crazy To Another 2/5/2007
16. Half Full 2/5/2007
17. Missing Link 2/5/2007
18. Monitoring The Levels 2/5/2007
19. Poetry 2/5/2007
20. Reflection 2/5/2007
21. Spark 2/5/2007
22. The Heart Beats 2/5/2007
23. The Ring 2/5/2007
24. Thrist And Need 2/5/2007
25. When You Need 2/5/2007
26. Written In Blood (Centuries Too Late) 2/5/2007
27. On Poetry... 10/24/2006
28. The Gears Grind Away On The Inside... 11/27/2006
29. Keep Walking 11/27/2006
30. Night I Lost Faith... 11/27/2006
31. Reality 11/27/2006
32. Too Young 11/27/2006
33. Without Mercy 11/27/2006
34. One Of Those... 1/9/2007
35. Weird Mood 1/9/2007
36. Mirror 1/9/2007
37. Words Left 1/9/2007
38. Bored Poet 11/27/2006
39. I'Ll Be Gone 11/27/2006
40. Becoming 2/5/2007

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Best Poem of Edward Veilleux

Life Is What Life Is

Through all the ups, all the downs,
Some will be there, some can't be found.
If they won't care as they should, so be it.
This is life in the way that I wish to see it.

You can give your all, or you can try not.
When they decide to leave, what have you got?
You build it up, then it breaks away.
This is life in the way I see it today.

Days come and go, true hearts stay close.
Without happiness, love is an imitation at most.
You haven't stayed close, it's hard to love you,
This is life in a way that is sadly true.

To leave behind such a feeble ...

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The Past

When the past catches up, it doesn't stop.
It doesn't let us get ahead again.
It has to be dealt with, we have to stay on top,
Remember that we are not the same person we were then.
We may have said things we aren't too proud of,
We may have felt hate, we may have been in love.
Whatever it is that we battle with this time,
We'll look to the future, and everything will be fine.

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