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Through all the ups, all the downs,
Some will be there, some can't be found.
If they won't care as they should, so be it.
This is life in the way that I wish to see it.

It's hard to translate one's feelings into speech,
It takes time to overcome the obstacles we meet.
Don't live life scared of what your words will bring,
Even if you fail, at least you attempted to do something.

Why must one such as I,
live my life with fear,
the fear to unjustly die.
It is not what you first hear,

Do you see things as we all do?
Trying to prove yourself, but to who?
Are you worried about what we think of you?
You're insecure about yourself, but who knew?

So much to know,
So much to learn,
Fires to start,
Hearts to burn.


I can't sleep,
not allowed to dream.
Sitting here wide awake,
thinking about what it all means...

There she stood,
with another new guy.
She looked good,
actually that's a lie.

We build it up, beautifully,
In all our rage and anger.
when will we pull the pin?
If it is set off today,

I woke up today as I do everyday,
Wondering if you dreamt of me too,
As you said, I can't help everyone,
I would be content just to help you...

At his funeral there will be sadness and tears,
Some are fake but some have been forged through years.
Through the best of times, and equally through the worst.
It'd be interesting to see who would speak up first...

When I die, carry out my final wish.
Bury me beneath the soil, away from all of this.
The want for love, the need for her company.
Bury me far from it, when my breath has left me.

There is an angel in the midst,
She stands beautiful and tall.
So much time spent in bliss,
Left with confusion now, that's all.

It's something too many of us are missing,
it's a bond between two people that we need.
It's real, it's extremely powerful,
It's the reason Juliet had to bleed.


Andre and Edward, twin towers indeed.
Left to look after each other when found in need.
Their parents don't support them and never understand.
A pact made with words, as strong as a shaking of hands.

writing a bad poem is hard,
when something good comes out
and we realize it for what it is,
a good solid poem.

I could write a poem in under 5 minutes.
Going at that rate,
I could write over 12 poems an hour...
over 96 poems in an 8-hour day.

'Why do you write,
what do you mean? '
I can't answer you,
as wrong as that may seem.

Will she dance ballet like the last,
Will she have a very depressing past?
Will she hide her true self behind a pretty mask?
If those things in her I see, I'll be gone...

Becoming who we want to be,
takes more then words.
But as we all know, in reality,
It usually starts and ends

Nephew, may I ask what brightens your days?
Nephew, will you be forever set in your childish ways?
Tell me, What goes on within your young mind?
what will happen when happiness becomes harder to find?

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I write for enjoyment, if you enjoy my poems I am glad to hear it, poems are meant to be shared (most of them anyways) . Feel free to share mine.)

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Life Is What Life Is

Through all the ups, all the downs,
Some will be there, some can't be found.
If they won't care as they should, so be it.
This is life in the way that I wish to see it.

You can give your all, or you can try not.
When they decide to leave, what have you got?
You build it up, then it breaks away.
This is life in the way I see it today.

Days come and go, true hearts stay close.
Without happiness, love is an imitation at most.
You haven't stayed close, it's hard to love you,
This is life in a way that is sadly true.

To leave behind such a feeble mind,
forget it and pursue someone real.
This is my goal, and in time...
This will be life and the way that I feel.

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Julia Luber 19 February 2019

Why did he suddenly stop writing poetry? Did he get consumed by financial responsibility and a family? I wonder.

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