burny peter

Geetha Contd

conversation between krishna and arjun

krishna said:

books are gnawed by termites;
brain forgets!
knowledge fades? .'
only material wealth lasts, ....parth
'what is uchitam? '

parth complained

yadav u r supposed 2 give answers.
now u r askin' question.
how can m reply?
i'm ignorant.

krish replied

kireedi, what u'll feel
if i said aswar is over n' I 've attained my ends I don't need u anymore?
think hard n' answer.
meanwhile I'll prefer a few days of lust n' pleasure 2 sweat n' toil.
i'll wait 4 ur reply till it comes.

PARTH wept, smiled, strived hard 2 think & muttered difidently,

O mi lord,
from primitive memory,
a distantdesert wind of scorchin' cold is murmurin' unclear syllables n' am tryin' hard 2 listen & decipher.
pls wait.

seconds hobbled past timeless shadows.....
on a dry leaf is drippin' tears emanatin' from a dead dream.,
parth sat sweatin'?
Sweatdrops bedewin' dry sand...,

a devastated cloud covered the settin' sun....
while light faded parth wailed, o paramathman u should 've directed my begetter 2 sent me 2 Vyas 2 acquire d craft of weavin'words
rather than 2 drona 2 learn d chores of archery.

krish muttered in a language he had lost mastery on

'na bhujyathe vyakaranam kshudadurai
pipasithe kavyaraso na peeyathe......'

Abhimanyu shouted angrily from uttara's womb:

'now that pieces of chess r dumped into history's dustbin
u can live in peace n' they call u lord.
i am keepin' my sharpened arrow ready for u.'

Krishna smiled mysteriously in reply
n' eternal silence hung in animated suspension
in expectation of prospective action

A streak of voice broke eternity momentarily-

'Abhi, as u r still 2 see daylight n' take d first steps
listen 2 my message:

Yagna is d balm 2 all wounds n' elixir 2 d dead
it liberates u from all worldly bondage & help attain 'MOKSHA'.

Yagna done with knowledge is superior than
yagna done with worldly as all action ultimately lead 2 knowledge'

'Baby 2 gain this knowledge surrender urself at GURU's feet,
put ur queries, serve him,
in turn he will impart true wisdom.'

'Once u realise d truth u will no longer b deluded,
it'll enable u 2 see me in all beings & in me.'

'Just as fire reduces everythin' 2 ashes,
the fire of this eternal knowledge 'll reduce all d karmic reactions 2 ashes'

'nothin' in dis world can bring purity in ur life as dis ceaseless knowledge,
a perfect devotee 'll soon realise dis truth.'

'only faith n' discipline of senses 'll help in attaining dis immortal truth
n' 'll ultimately unite 2 d supreme bliss.'

breakin' a nonexistent decorum
Arjuna asks
'Krishna, O lord,
first u talk of renouncin' work & then u advise 2 work with devotion.
which of d 2 is good.'

'u've 2 weigh d pros & cons & decide what is good 4 u & make d choice.
it is ultimately choices & decisions which make or mar life.'

'O, arjuna, only ignorant
differentiate b/w karmayoga - selfless action devoid of desires
& Jnana Yoga - contemplative life.

In essence theory & practice r symbiotically intertwined.

One who is free from hatred & desire is a renounced man.
such a person is free from all bondages & easily attains liberation.'

Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Comments about Geetha Contd by burny peter

  • Eddie Burg (4/15/2012 2:03:00 AM)

    Biblical burden clouds your thinking Burny.
    Bhagavad Geeta is no semitic humbug;
    Strongly suggest you stick to Sunday School theatre.
    You excelled in it, and were well known through out Palarivattom circles,
    for it.

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