Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Gemini - Poem by Justin Reamer

A beautiful woman whom I know is
Very dear to my heart,
She is special in every way
I can possibly imagine.
She is a woman of German and Dutch descent,
With a German last name to boot,
And I see the wonders of her heritage,
As ethnicity and culture
Are truly beautiful as one.

The woman I know is
Special for many reasons,
All innumerable to count;
Countless and infinite in number,
Though too many, I shall
Describe them all in detail.

She is a woman of great beauty,
Beauty so unlike any other,
That of which is unique,
'Tis almost divine.
She has long blond hair that
Flows down to her shoulders,
And shines radiantly like the sun
When light strikes it,
And when the wind blows into her hair,
It flows gently like a river
That streams slowly by,
Much like the Muskegon River
Does in the summertime
Or as the Nile River does in Egypt,
Which to the Egyptians was
The fruit of all life,
Blessed by all the gods.
Her hair represents her
Vivacity and her livelihood,
Her cheerful personality,
Which is the sweetest of all,
And which is calm and collected
In everyone's presence.

She has bright blue eyes that shine
Like the bright blue sky
When she is happy,
And remind me of Lake Michigan,
My eternal lover,
When she shines in the sunlight
As the beams shine upon her waters
And illuminate her marvellous waves.
Her eyes are like the Pacific Ocean,
Which is calm and peaceful,
But they can be like the Atlantic Ocean,
Which is brave and bold,
For she is courageous,
Fighting for justice at every turn;
She knows what justice is,
Because her eyes sparkle when she's happy,
And they glisten when she has a good idea.

Her skin is white like cream,
And soft and velvety like silk or satin;
'Tis soft to the touch,
Making a textile sensation
For the one she loves dearly.
Her smile is bright and beautiful,
Much like that of Scarlett Johansson,
The beautiful actress,
But hers is even more beautiful,
For 'tis luminescent,
Illuminating a dimly lit room,
As her teeth,
Full, white, and gorgeous,
Produce their own light
And shine in the darkness around her.

Her smile is contagious,
For whenever someone sees her smile,
Including me,
That person cannot help but smile back,
For her beauty is extraordinary.
She has a rounded nose,
Which adds to her femininity,
And she has long, thin eyebrows,
Which are always gentle and sweet.
She has a full neck,
Which shows the pride she carries,
For humble she is,
But proud she is of the human
Dignity she has and of the
Things she accomplished in her lifetime.

Her body is thin,
With long and full arms,
With petite and delicate hands,
Soft and sensitive to touch.
Her breasts are full and large,
Making her figure appear statuesque
As the Ancient Greeks and
The Ancient Romans made their statues,
And they rise and fall
With every inhale and every exhale,
Making her appear more graceful
And more beautiful than ever,
For they complement her feminine attributes.
Her waist is thin,
With good birthing hips,
For she could bear a child
And be fruitful in many ways,
And be an excellent mother to boot.
Her legs are long, full, and strong,
For they carry her body with dignity.

When you look at her,
You see divinity,
Though she is human,
She is like an angel
As she walks,
Graceful in every way,
Like the goddess Aphrodite,
Beautiful and exquisite,
Like the goddess Venus,
Elegant and amazing,
Like Athena,
Witty, pretty, and wise,
Like Ishtar,
Benevolent and caring,
Yet capricious,
Like Isis,
Caring and loving,
Kind and gentle,
Like Penelope,
Patient and faithful,
Like Helen,
Beautiful in every way,
Like Ruth,
Hardworking and truthful,
Like Juliet,
So innocent and sweet,
But like Cleopatra,
So wise and clever,
Like Desdemona,
So faithful to the end,
Like Emilia,
Honest and honourable,
Like Ophelia,
Faithful and true to her heart,
Like Cosette,
Praying incessantly,
And faithful always,
And like Hermione,
Smart and intelligent,
Like Susan Pevensie,
Logical in many ways,
But like Lucy Pevensie,
Intuitive and smart.

There is more to the woman
Than what meets the eye,
For her personality is outstanding
In the world we live in,
For she is friendly to all,
Accepting them as they are,
And very gregarious in many ways.
She is exquisite and elegant,
But so much more than that.
She is kind and caring,
Looking out for her friends,
And she is vivacious and lively,
Which, above all, is great.
She is understanding and empathetic,
Understanding and knowing your problems;
She is honest and truthful,
Believing in what is right.
She is hardworking and benevolent,
Fighting for her goals
By working toward them,
And she is so much more.

She is like a dove,
Flying gracefully,
Like a nymph,
Enjoying nature,
She is an angel,
Graceful as can be,
For God bless her with so much,
Especially since she is
One of His people.
She is the sun,
The woman who illuminates my world,
For she is the second most important
Person in my own life,
Second to God,
Whom we both believe in.

The woman is a poet of great merit,
With many poems hidden in
The palm of her hand.
She is one of the
Rhapsodes of God Himself,
For the Holy Spirit inspires her
And speaks through her,
And she writes everything down,
Listening to her Muse.
Her verse is beautiful,
Elegant in fact,
For it rimes with beauty,
And the rhythm is in harmony,
Much like reading William Blake
Or John Donne or John Keats.

I read her verse,
And I was pleased,
For it sounded like music
To my ears.
With a symphony playing
A Beethoven or a Mozart piece,
Which is relaxing to my mind.
Her poems are insightful,
Deep and emotional,
And touch everyone who reads them,
For she is not Shakespeare,
But is like Emily Dickinson
Or Sylvia Plath.

She is a violinist,
Who plays in perfect harmony,
Making melodies
Which are soothing, jolly, or depressing,
Yeth they are never cacophonous,
But are eurhythmic,
For euphony is great,
And harmony is what
She has with whatever piece she plays.

She is a singer with a beautiful voice,
Which is an alto that can range
Soprano areas, alto areas,
Tenor areas, and bass areas.
'Tis much more beautiful than
That of the Maiden's,
And when she sings,
The world praises her and applauds her,
Bringing down the house.
She is talented and beautiful,
For she has an amazing voice.

She also listens to music,
For she likes many things,
Including rock and roll,
Classical, jazz, pop,
Some hip-hop, some dance,
Country, worship, gospel,
Bluegrass, Christian Rock,
Christian music, and so much more.
She loves John Lennon
And the Beatles, Queen and Styx,
Journey, Billy Joel,
The Carter Family,
Counting Crowns, and so much more,
For she loves to sing and dance,
For she is truly fantastic.

She is an artist,
Drawing with such great realism.
Her drawings come to life,
Many of them very beautiful,
For she draws as if
She took a photograph,
And I am always impressed.
She paints and sculpts,
Which also are lifelike,
As if sprezzatura were her
Favorite word of all time.
She takes photos that are
Special to everyone.
Her art is magnificent,
Since no one can compare to it.

She loves the outdoors,
Loves to run,
Go hiking, biking, swimming,
Boating, backpacking,
Camping, canoeing,
Kayaking, and so much more.
She loves nature and all the animals,
For they always touch her heart
When she lays her eyes on them.
And I must admit I share this passion
With her in every way,
For she is great, which I agree.

Most importantly, she is God's Servant;
She loves Him with all of her dear heart,
And she loves Jesus as her Saviour,
As He saved all of us from our own sin,
Giving us salvation and saving us from
Ultimate death and destruction.
She loves Him, and she does
His will by doing good to all,
And loving everyone as she loves herself.
She has many great goals,
Aspiring to help those in need
And to change the world,
For she may go to Africa and teach,
Or change many governments,
Or be a martyr for God.
In any case, I admire her passion,
And I know she will accomplish her goals,
Because with God, anything is possible,
And she is His servant,
And I believe in her and pray for her every day.
I wish her luck and hope God will
Help her do well in all she does.
May God bless her loving heart.

The woman's name is Gemini,
And she is as beautiful as can be,
And she is the one I love with all my heart,
For she is special to me,
And I want her to do the best she can in life.
She is Gemini, and I am Libra,
And we were destined to be together,
For the cherubs marked our hearts,
And we are enamoured of each other.
Gemini is special to me,
As she will always be,
And I will take care of her, protect her,
And watch over her, no matter what.
All I want is for her to be happy,
And I will do whatever is necessary,
No matter what it takes.
I will give my life to her,
For I know that she is mine,
And I will be there for her all the time,
No matter what the cost is.

I love Gemini,
For she is a great woman,
And to me, she is the
Greatest woman in the world,
So she will always be in my heart.

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