Gibbon Poem by Denis Martindale


A gibbon's such an agile thing,
It moves as if a blur,
It takes firm hold, then starts to swing,
A trail of tail and fur...
It may not own a peacock's grace,
Or match a dolphin's smile,
But there's a fact that we must face,
A gibbon's sure got style...

Athletic twists, athletic turns,
A gymnast soaring high,
With all the tricks that each one learns,
Almost like it could fly...
Like Spider-Man, up there, at ease,
A show-off now and then,
Content to leap between the trees,
Then, sometimes, back again...

I used to be quite agile, too,
But that's a young man's game,
Old age can change your point of view,
Ain't that a crying shame! ?
But when I see a gibbon glide
Across its neighbourhood,
I must confess, I think inside,
'I used to be that good! '

Denis Martindale March 2017.

A poem based on the magnificent Stephen Gayford
wildlife painting. Google search phrases
gayford prints and Stephen Gayford poetry
and also for Heaven and Earth Designs...

Sunday, March 19, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: animals
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