Girl Had No Freedom (Inspired By: La Femme Nikita) Poem by reina Lorenzo

Girl Had No Freedom (Inspired By: La Femme Nikita)

Well I had no choice but to hand your gun
No right to complain if you hold my gum
I care you not if you push me down
Ignore whatever you do.

My ken seems so dark
My life so untrue
And I can’t fit any of it
Feel so shame and truly ripped.

Me you see, is not me
A girl had no freedom
Can’t describe to understands me
Can’t do something for me.

you always lead me to cover my all
always silent I am
oh please tell me
when can I be me?

Oh Mr. Right, when will you vanish?
Cuz my all was pity famished
And where are you taking all my rights?
I need them to get my light.


Barbara Terry 17 October 2008

The cry to be seen, to be recognized is one that will go on forever I'm afraid. People in this world aren't concerned for even themselves, let alone anyone else. I have been crying for 47 years because the cruelty that surrounded and surrounds me, will not go away. I see this poem as a desperate plea for help, from someone, anyone, so that the you inside can be seen and free. There is a lot of crying in this poem, a lot of desperation, a lot of emotion. Thak you for sharing this side of your soul. Hugs, Barbara

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