reina Lorenzo Poems

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The Only One! ?

I can feel it, when you’re not with me
Sharing your smile without me
You used to be mine
But why do I feel like this?

Suicidal Morgue

05/11/05 rum..

I am the center of the circle you built
And you are my every side


If i ask when you leave, don’t wonder why
And if I cry please don’t question me
I’m fine, (just broken)
Care me not, I’m just fine

Black Balloon

Little mind hangin’, thinking
Self pity, trying hard to be strong
Oh, there’s a wonderful place she have never seen,
Disneyland! !

Weirdest Teacher(Naomillante)

10/19/98 rum…

You’re the weirdest teacher
I’ve ever have of all teachers I’ve ever met

Forever For You

I’ll give up everything, I’ll never mind how it
caused, just to see you Smile. I know, I’m gonna
miss you, I can feel it, but I know you’ll be happy

At First Sight

07/05/05 rum..

I saw you
But you don’t know me

Girl Had No Freedom (Inspired By: La Femme Nikita)

Well I had no choice but to hand your gun
No right to complain if you hold my gum
I care you not if you push me down
Ignore whatever you do.

Fat Girl

Fat girl face the mirror
Sees her reflection, get in secured
Feel so small and no one to run
Oh stingy beautiful one (she said)

The Reckoning

Today I cry, I don’t care if it’s right or wrong, tonight
I die, but it won’t go long cuz, I’ll rescue me and
I’m not going down, and I won’t let you let me

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