Sidi J. Mahtrow

Giving The Sage A Shave And Haircut - Poem by Sidi J. Mahtrow

It's known far and wide
That the Sage has knowledge on his side
For his investments are made when he
Has determined the weakness of the other party.

He drives a bargain hard and true
As he extracts the last dropp of blood that's due.
Gaining advantage when the other
Is about to go under.

Rape it's called when the victim is unwilling
Although some would say they're deserving
And have exposed a bit of flesh
When modesty would have been best.

But judges sitting about the table late in day
Say, that's just the Sage having his way
And he's on our side for sure
As we're judging what is right and pure.

Forgetting that come another time and place
It may be them that has to face
The Bastard of Finance
That serves only one that calls the dance.

Yet as the hour grows late
Some begin to question the fate
Of those that were in the jaws
Of this bulldog who makes his own laws.

Did they deserve to succumb
To this unholy one?
And were they like a virgin
Cast into the lion's den?

So as they think anew
Of what may their due,
They begin to plot to destroy
The one that has played so coy.

Waiting patiently in the wings
As yet another falls to his schemes,
Knowing full well that he
Will become even more greedy.

Sometime in the near future,
He'll again venture
To swallow whole another victim
That ventures into his lair of Gomorrah.

But like the snake
That did a golf ball mistake
For something egg like
Which was it's final act.

So the Sage will discover
That there is another
Fate that awaits those who are
Greedier by far.

And on the High Plains
He'll have digestion pains.
Pains, for which no friend or doctor
Will provide a remedy or succor.

Under the sod he'll lie
Having harvested the bitter crop, and ‘ll die.
Neatly shaved by the barber
That with a swift swoop, cuts his jugular.

And on the stone above the corpse
Will indited these words of remorse.
'One too many swimmers did he plunder
Until his heavy purse took him under.'

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, October 11, 2008

Poem Edited: Thursday, May 26, 2011

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