Go With The Flow

Rating: 4.5

We can structure our mornings and days
plan each minute and hour
at the end, the universe, the energy
around us decides what it will dish out

We just need to take what life gives us
and not trying to mould it to be exactly
as we want it to be

To go with the flow was impossible as a child
growing up in a typical Afrikaner environment...
I raged against it, when I left home as a young
adult restricted by the rules of society...
I rebelled against it

Only much later
when nothing made sense anymore
and my days and nights turned
into endless black holes
when the 'kick' of ecstasy
held no thrill anymore...

Only then I became conscious of my
spiritual needs and intellectual demands
the art to surrender, to stop fighting with the
universe and mostly with myself became a
selfish need, an endless craving that could
only be fed by the power of self-realisation
and knowledge of self

There is a peaceful yet focused energy
that accompanies each of us
it is not for us to fight against life but
rather to work with it

Let reality be reality
let things flow naturally
in whatever way they like