God Bless All Those Pigs... - Poem by RIC BASTASA

at the end of my day, i ask myself what do i get?
a plaque at the bottom of my teeth that is irritating to my gums?

are they going to give me a promotion to the nth rank
so that i can be well respected even by those goats and
skunks and slinks and slugs and mugs?

are they making a crown for me
a scepter in my hand,
a purple robe
for kings with golden threads
of epitaphs for my grave?

i know what i can really get from all those circle-loving snobs.
those mopy dicks, and perfect pimps of power and play,

i get nothing but wasted time
and white falling hair and osteoporosis on my backbones
from their air of empty promises

for at the end, the music is nothing but theirs
for their own exclusive dances

throughout the night they are drunk
and horny and they go own
fucking their own selves
like pigs and dogs.

and i say, oh,
i really love that and surely
i will miss you all

with tongue-in-my-cheek i
pack myself like a bag and
go wildly in the hills
where all my arms are waiting
to embrace me myself like
i am their long lost red blooded brother
turning blue and black

i am too stupid to work in their sty....
God bless all those pigs! ! !

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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