......The Tree Poem by RIC BASTASA

......The Tree

Rating: 2.6

When the big tree falls
Hit by lightning
Roared by thunder

When the big tree finally falls
And I was there
A big sound
Of a giant old tree
Falling finally to the ground

The arrogance
That used to be

By that big old tree
We all looked upon
It was so high
And we did not
Climb it anyhow

For fear
Perhaps respect for its grandeur

And today this big tree falls
Hit by lightning and roared by thunder

The universe claps upon the
Fall of arrogance and pride
And a tree's belief about
Its hugeness and

Now this tree falls
And I am here watching it

You are not here
You are in some foreign country

How can I tell you

That this tree has fallen

And there is nothing to fear anymore?

When a tree falls and you are not there
Your logic tells

There is no tree
There is no tree of such strength and posture
There is no tree like that

That can ever fall
All because a lightning hits it
And all because the thunder roared

Without you.

Antonio Liao 05 October 2009

what a wonderful poem...a pouring of all emotion... seems that aim carried by stream of the past.....a nostalgia that forgetting the past is to begin is to live beyond today.... a 10 ++++ yes! Boss your great....thank you and God bless

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A compelling composition my friend!

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Sally Plumb Plumb 16 April 2015

The saying..... the bigger they are the harder they fall .... they say

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Ken E Hall 26 July 2010

She is like the tree not there anymore, ours is not to reason why..sad ending to a tale many have to bare...regards

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Joey Valenzuela 23 June 2010

'you were gone. i have a good news. the arrogant person here already died. i'm happy, are you? '

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 18 February 2010

nice entrance and exit... i think i rated this one 10... well expressed/said. Nice thought presentation.

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