Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza

God Doesn'T Tolerate Sin He Just Accepts Sinners - Poem by Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza

God doesn't tolerate sin He just accepts sinners
The world doesn't tolerate evil it accepts evil
God doesn't punish to get us back in line
The world punishes us to get us in line
If God touches you its a blessing
If the world touches you, you are bound to trouble
When you sin and gets through,
God will forgive you and erase it off
When you do evil the world will get your name into books,
ready for the next wrong
God fights evil with love...true love
The world fights evil with selfishness
God as a leader sees no face to pardon
world leaders check faces to unchain people to freedom
God's forgiviness gives peace of mind and true freedom
The world hold grudges, which you witness every time you fail back
God's peoples communities are full of compassion and oneness
The world communities live in divisions
Hope drives God's peoples towards achieving in the right paths
Hope brings the world to confusion...they don't understand it
There is a manual that guides people of the light, its full of wisdom
books used in the world are only copyrights and miss wisdom
If A citizen of light succeeds its out of God's inspiration
A citizen of the world succeeds through evil deeds
Funny, evil always fights good...
Interesting that even when evil seem winning good always wins at the end
God accepts evil doers to live because He created them...
so, evil doers also enjoy Gods Grace...though they can't see
It's because of Love that God leaves evil...He has given us another chance
His tolerance is not weakness
His weakness is far beyond our strengths
He is a God of patience and thats why evil still exists,
as He teaches us of His greatness
The world is only made up of the weak...
hence even the patient ones loses it
There are limits to evrything on earth...the temporary home to evil
No limit up in heaven the home to the almighty...and soon He will conquer the earth,
His children's permanent home
Then having made own choices you are either on the wrong or right
based on your life, you are either of the dark or the light
God has made it that people be on His side
The world ended up changing people to have 2 sides
, the good and the bad
In the end, you have citizen of the world and citizen of heaven
In the end, citizen of heaven go to live in celestial city
to live eternal life
The world citizens go to hell

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Poem Submitted: Friday, October 4, 2013

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