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Good News- Bad News - Poem by Lonnie Hicks

Bad news-I am driving along and a car is bearing down me from the rear.
It keeps coming.

Bad news-The car hits my little car at 60 miles an hour-bam!

Good news-I keep control of the car for a second or two
then the car begins to skid.

Bad news-The car skids, swerves and overturns, flipping, flipping.
The world outside the wind shield revolves upside down.

Bad news-Things go blank and I see water coming into the car;
I had landed in the river.

Good news-I am sinking but not yet under water.

Bad news- The water starts to come in faster and faster.

Bad news- The water keeps coming in the car. It is sinking.
It is over my head.
I am drowning.

Bad news- I hold my breath for 30 seconds and decide that I will die here.
I regret that it has to be in the mud and silt of the river. Undignified. I take a deep breath ready to go.

Good news, The car suddenly bobs to the surface from an air bubble
inside just as I take that breath.

Bad news-I look around and notice that the car is sinking again
this time even faster.

Bad news- I look around to try to open a door. But the door won't open.

Good news- I hear voices above. Someone saw me go in.

Bad news- The water is rising so fast I am sure they won't get me in time.

Bad news- I bang on the wind shield but it does not break

Good news- Someone from the outside breaks the wind shield and asks
if I can get out.

Bad news- I drag myself out over the cut glass-
blood in the water, gasoline and mud.,

Good news-Outside, there are men with a floating flat board and they float me to the shore.

Bad news-They ask me who is President and what is today's date.
And they are my rescuers, I think, and don't know this stuff?

Good news- The helicopter air-lifts me to the hospital with broken ribs, eye
smashed, blood everywhere.

Good news- I recover and can't get a cigarette and thereafter quit for good
as a way of thanking God that I lived.

Bad news- Broken ribs lead to pleurisy and later pneumonia.

Good news- I recover.

Good news-People at work give me a snorkel for my birthday; lol.

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