))) Good Vs Evil ((( Poem by Glamorous Enigma

))) Good Vs Evil (((

Rating: 2.7

G: I will battle till forever
E: I will disfigure you ever and ever
G: By my beliefs I will attract your followers
E: By my temptations, I will quench your supporters
G: you cannot, I am the starting point,
do not worry someday you will die
E: I will bring all your allies to the juke joint
ha ha, I will die! ! ! What a funny lie! ! !
G: My true allies are pious and strong
E: never mind, all human being can be wrong
In their mind I will sing the same song,
“My followers even if you are wrong,
you can correct your mistakes the life is very long,
the life is very long
the life is very long”
G: damn you Evil, all your followers in hell,
You keep tempting them till they pass away
Damn you, damn you Evil
E: sure that’s my intention; adorning and beautifying all mistaken way
Till come the day of passing away
G: I know your means is crafty but it attracts just softies
Whom they cannot decide; their decisions are so hasty
For sure you are the lost party
E: my followers are abundant, so I can be the triumphant
G: in your dreams poor devil! Keep your ears open and listen:
ALLAH Says: The bad (evil) and the good are not equal, though the abundance of the bad may please you; so be careful of (your duty to) Allah, O men of understanding, that you may be successful.
E: stoooooooooooooooooooop, recite these verses far from me
G: tell me then, tell who the winner? Who the loser? Tell! ! !
“I a m l o s e r” that what you have to spell
E: no, no way I will not spell these daft words
and in the souls of your allies I will dwell
G: a needy gender, pitiful, there is a cover upon your heart, upon your hearing and upon your eyes, just try to remove it to see my light, the light of the GOOD.

***Dedicated to: Merna Ibrahim

{August 25,2010}

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