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my Freedom, my Freedom
you saved me
you tore my chain
you detached the knots

I sing for Freedom, from now on
I touch,
I see,
I hear,

Twenty-three years of violence

Twenty-three years of silence

Wind Of Change made me a call
To better my life, my inner, my all
To revive my Heart, my Mind, my Soul

G: I will battle till forever
E: I will disfigure you ever and ever
G: By my beliefs I will attract your followers
E: By my temptations, I will quench your supporters

The Silent Language is Eloquent without any word
Verbal Language sometimes is sharper than the sword
The Soul expresses itself without any empty sound
Simple gestures signify that you’re still around

He was a young lad
Endless dreams she had

She was a flowered rose

The silence -> an ELOQUENT language
His lips -> EYES,
His tongue -> HEART&SOUL...

Your eyes what did they hide? ? ?
I read many questions inside...
Innocent eyes the bravery you must ride
I hope that a serene life you bide

'Life is a Tall Ladder and the Steps must be Slow and Sure - is the Key of Success'

'Never say late, just wake up, tomorrow will open its gate'

My little child! Remain sleeping in your cradle
Don’t wake up! You’ll be shocked when you discover the ugly side
The pain and the hurts you’ll never bide
The obstacles and the difficulties you’ll never can ride

From despair to a gleam of hope
I wrote this poem to dream of hope...........

Hope is a candle in my dark

You kill in the name of PEACE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
You murder in the name of RIGHT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
You destroy in the name of PROTECTION! ! ! ! !
You kill, you murder and you destroy

All the sciences;


(This poem is dedicated to all the Specialists in this Kind of Love)

The Absolute Pure Love
Spiritual Love

~~Would you want to reach PARADISE? ~~
~~Surely for each one it is the greatest praise~~
~~GOODNESS and CHARITY are the seeds~~
~~FAITH and PATIENCE; all our needs ~~

For the first time, the little bird spreads his wings,
For the first time, he soars and nicely he sings,
How often does he try?
How often does he want to touch the sky?

Fragrant -Mauve, Purple - Flower
Violet my best flower
You make me at ease you give me Power
Lavender Flower - Mysterious Flower

When the Time is spent,
It’ll never come back
As a spoken word,
As a thrown arrow

The Best Poem Of Glamorous Enigma

-my Freedom-

my Freedom, my Freedom
you saved me
you tore my chain
you detached the knots
you released my pain
you fixed the dots
thanks! thanks!

my Freedom, my Freedom
you’re my necklace
you’re my bracelet

my Freedom, my Freedom
I feel you, I think about you
you accompany me, you’re my Angel

my Freedom, my Freedom
I like to be your slave
your slavery makes me Brave

my Freedom, my Freedom
clearly you engrave
my responsibilities
precisely you surround
my extremities
my Freedom, my Freedom
you’re my massive concept
my imperative impulse

my Freedom, my Freedom
I respire you, you inspire me

{October 10,2009}

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Merna Ibrahim 11 January 2010

Feten is a friendly and kind young lady.She is a talented poetess and her poetry is coming directly from here heart.I love that muslim young lady.She is really a nice friend :) Merna..

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Zeinab Sherif 11 August 2009

wow what a really talented poetess her poems r really amazing.

3 2 Reply

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