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-my Freedom-

my Freedom, my Freedom
you saved me
you tore my chain
you detached the knots

#freedom Song#

I sing for Freedom, from now on
I touch,
I see,
I hear,

#freedom Revolution#

Twenty-three years of violence

Twenty-three years of silence

... Wind Of Change...

Wind Of Change made me a call
To better my life, my inner, my all
To revive my Heart, my Mind, my Soul

))) Good Vs Evil (((

G: I will battle till forever
E: I will disfigure you ever and ever
G: By my beliefs I will attract your followers
E: By my temptations, I will quench your supporters

Glamorous Enigma Comments

Merna Ibrahim 11 January 2010

Feten is a friendly and kind young lady.She is a talented poetess and her poetry is coming directly from here heart.I love that muslim young lady.She is really a nice friend :) Merna..

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Zeinab Sherif 11 August 2009

wow what a really talented poetess her poems r really amazing.

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