Marcellus Watts

Goodbye Class Of 2009 - Poem by Marcellus Watts

Good bye class of 2009
I always regretted making that mistake
The event at the age of 6
I always think back and look at myself now
And say, why?
But now because the class now that I dislike
I was reunited with you and newcomers
And welcomed by the same faces
That misunderstood me from all the years back
And have grown, and accepted me.
All the conflicts we faced this year
Have all been resolved by you separating
And starting out on your future
While I, because of that little mistake
Is getting left behind like last time…
It saddens me to say goodbye to you
Yet I should be happy for you
And for me
You were all ready while I wasn’t
I am now, but is still being left behind
Hello class of 2009
Goodbye class of 2009
You all standing up on the stages
Ready and waiting for your future
Smiling with strong, anticipation.
While I sit down in a seat
And judge you from there
Not moving anywhere while you go away.
All the cussing, conflicts, and friendships we had
Have been left…but not forgotten
Goodbye Class of 2009
I’ll miss you and maybe will never see you again
But maybe some of you when its my time
All from that simple mistake,
It’s gets me now
Karma sucks
It’s won in the end from all I did
To get that mistake.
Forgetting I had to say goodbye
I wasn’t prepared, but I had my good karma
That simple mistake lead to many events
Events that made me who I am,
and am a better much grown person
with all who I am, though sad to say goodbye
Goodbye Class of 2009
And thank you for giving me an alternative thought
And most of all a wake up call
Goodbye Class of 2009.
I’ll miss you…..

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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