Maha Moustafa

Rookie (12-4-1995 / Alexandria, Egypt)

Goodbyes - Poem by Maha Moustafa

Sometimes when you meet someone, you like and think they’re the ones, you think of, become closer day after day.

Suddenly, you find yourself away from them, you found them taken away from you, no matter how or why, but you then become down to earth and go in a sorrowing state, you become desperate, you even take a promise not to be introduced to another so as not to be hurt again by saying “Good bye”.
Actually, as the word hurts, Remembering is much harder, how hard is it to live on just a memory? Good days we spent with those special ones, feeling relieved talking to them, or just feeling happy being with.
Life is so hard, it takes what dear people from us, everyone we love, one day we go far from by a way or another.
It’s just scary to live with the idea that this person is a way, or will never be back.
Broken hearts will be always broken, nothing could fix them, true love is never forgotten, people whose place is your heart and mind will never be forgotten unless you die,
You die a million times everyday, you try to forget but there’s no way. The tunnel is blocked, you can’t pass to them nor go back with time, it’s real, you have to go on pretending like nothing could affect you, tears flow in your heart but you can’t even tell them. Tears relieve but refresh our memories on old times, beautiful feelings that could never be back, you don’t remember if you’ve been hurt because you never forget pain.
These are “Good byes”, so better stay out from this jungle because life is greedy, always wants what we have, it just leaves you..hopeless…aimless…&heartless, so you live dead in a land full of hypocrisy, hatred and lies and totally free from pure emotions. Better watch out or you’ll suffer as you could never imagine nor bear, know that as soon as you find love or better say “as soon as love finds you” know it, that you’re done! Take care and prepare yourself for the risk before you fall, so you’d find something to fall on and don’t fall on the ground. JUST like me.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 10, 2010

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