- Goodmorning Sun - Poem by Dmitriy Kokarev

- Goodmorning Sun -

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Good morning Sun,
How many miseries took place at your rise?
How many mothers wept?
How many children lost their innocence?
How many lives were shattered by your rays?
The tears that wash the blood, and clean the streets,
The screams and moans of victims to your sight.
Were you prepared to witness such a sight?
How do you feel each time you rise?
Is it the same each single day?
Or did the time accustom you to all this pain?
So tell me Sun, how do you feel?
You shine the light on world as it decays,
You grant life, and watch it disappear.
Is this the reason that one day you too will die?
Join the others someplace far away.
Or will you fight and hope to blind the ignorance, the hatred and the violence too?
It must be hard, isn’t it so?
Is this the reason that some days you disappear?
Hide behind the veils of clouds,
And wash the world with tears.
But still I hope that you’ll succeed,
And one day won’t have to disappear.

Tracker Ogryphon 24 February 2008

A deeply thought out question. Thanks Tracker

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Ashley Hart 24 February 2008

Very cute..I love the personification

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Dmitriy Kokarev

Dmitriy Kokarev

Tashkent - Uzbekistan
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