Grateful Poem by Adrienne Crawford


Grateful, a new attitude
Don't be rude to the people you know
Be more kind
To small animals
And be glad for the life you live
Give a prayer and a care for others in need
And heed the doctor's advice
So you'll live long to teach your grandchildren
How to become free
See the world thru rose colored glasses
The chassis of cars shining in the sun as you pass by
Don't try to fight the feeling
Of a peace you have with the world
Content to let life flow where it wants to go
Swim upstream and dream the dream
Press forward to put your visions in motion
The potion of a stew mixed
With the elixir of submerged ideas
You once didn't believe could come true for you
Experiment with your different personalities
Lying just below the surface of your consciousness
Rest in the unfoldment of your true identity
Realizing you are your own best friend
Trending on twitter and Instagram
Wham, a giant you are
A superstar, at least in your own mind
Your prime is now
In this time
So thoroughly divine.

Monday, October 24, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: miscellaneous
Clinton Siegle 08 October 2018

Wonderful thankful poem. Life is to give thanks to the creator. Believe in Christ is all I can say.

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