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Grave Robbers - Poem by Adam Hollingsworth


I dance upon your grave,
When the moon is shining bright
I dance upon your grave,
Because it only feels right
I dance upon your grave,
When the tide is high
I dance upon your grave,
Because the dues are finally being made right

I dance when the moon shines right
I walk alone underneath a mull tree of fright
Seething all alone all night long
And resting to bless the fare summer gone

Rosy stares of hot blooded fares
Demented sounds in the wind go to where,
We can’t find his soul in our secret dares
Choosing to lose all that we care

Making numbers one, two, and three
Please god, when will you see?
Our hopeless transgressions have gotten us nowhere
While bright shining into a deepening sky,
It fills us with useless outerwear,
And creates a sense of a never ending fight


Dancing alone atop a graveyard platform
Planning to dance alone on your grave,
Dancing upon your gravestone as if it were high drops
Alone we all make due to our pays
Overdue and underdone today,
We sing upon grave because we don’t care
Maybe its hypocrisy or a lighted affair
But we really just don’t care

Losing yourself to intuition and will
A wild calling brings you to a selfish kneel
Picking dead flowers down by the bay
Seeing what kind of senseless nonsense will come of today

An adventure sets light upon our under dues
Seething alone underneath, we explode,
Into nothing and become nothing or few,
Feeling less tired because of gods only clue

Making many numbers of one, two, and three
Seeing this nonsense write away our dreams
Counting backwards to incantations spells
Losing inwardly while we lose the sell
Seeking a filter to a world of pain
Preferring chaos as we watch the rain


I dance upon your grave,
Because it feels so good
I dance upon your soul,
Because I know I could
I dance in the light of a devilish moon
While seeking the night away to uncovered tunes,
Of deception and grace like never before
You see what I mean, so lets count by fours

You see nothing wrong by the light of the moon
You see very little and yet you presume,
We have lost our minds and sought insanity
We seek no less, but find darkness to play by so contumely

Now as the day rises anew,
We seek new pleasures and flow back in tune
Hide away in the deepest corners of your mind
There tonight, we will find all of life’s long forgotten climb

While still making numbers by one, two, and three
We dance around and sooth a witty dream
A silence overlaps our time of grief
A tune carries on a dream, formed to deprecations
Soothing the burns of the battle by burning leafs
Here inside, we’ll find all of our secret decapitations


We dance upon your grave,
Because it completes our ruins of incantations
We prance upon the headstone,
For fires of pure indignation
We dig up the dead with furious grace,
And plan an escape of pricelessly long dull days
I dance upon your grave endlessly and flawlessly,
And sing songs unto the world you have fallen screaming into heedlessly

Down away you fall, burning

Scatter along,
Further and further,
You’re flung

We seek painful news straight from another
And I’ll rob your grave just for a dull blunder
You may wish a star to fall rushing towards a civilized Cosmo
But all you will retrieve is a world decamped of horrid condos

And once again we count, one, two, and three
All the ways to a nasty keep,
Of horrid increments made of soft stolen lights
Or a cozy cottage of another devilish delight
Cramming packages into a crowded closet of skeletons
Seeking revenge and chanting I don’t develop under flying controls,
Lead by a demented tyrant,
Lost in a dull, dull divulge

His selfish imbibitions have lost you long ago…yet,
He has resolved all that you know…and only,
For another you seek the breath of life…to bring,
A tiny socket of joy,
Into your life


As once told,
I dance upon your grave,
When the mood feels right
I dance upon your grave,
Because of all the fights
I dance upon your grave,
In horrid delights
Dancing and dancing,
By the light of a graveyard plight

They crawl there way back up to tell,
You a warning
They say in chanting gestures,
“We seek rest and yet have no slumber.
Bring us your children so,
That we may feast
Bring us your lives,
So that we may go on in delight”

Alone they fall back into a silent, cataclysmic, drowning pool of,
Rabid maggots, with a touch of slinking rabbits.

Plough on through into tomorrow
So that we may unlock the chains of,
Burdens so floundered

And silently we count to ourselves,
One, two, and always three


Dance for your every delight
For tonight, there will be a graveyard plight

Revenge is always, just beneath the surface,
So please respect, the long old serpent
His skin is long and yet so cold
He keeps a bag, full of soulless servants
To say it is or to say was,
It’s only the beginning of,
The day of death has brought a smile,
Upon his slithering denial

They say he’s long,
Seventy feet long
His home is a child’s den of a hole,
Deep inside the earth it burns

Once for ashes and two for holes,
Of course a three to dwell in,
Beneath a bone of homes,
All because hell is his home,
A graveyard robber’s den for souls,
Stanching away at his graveyard home


As the story goes,

We dance upon your grave,
For plight of fears
I dance upon your grave,
To save all that clears
We prance inside your grave,
To find sins oh so near
I dance to desecrate,
All you hold so dear

Planning to thief my life away
Planning to find it might be ok
Dear god, why do I stay?
For more of what makes this hate, never go away

And when the stories ends tonight,
It ends in fear brought upon by light
For we dance in the graveyard in such delight
Because we ill be dead before the arrival of night

And as the chanting goes, one, two, and three
We see all that we may meet
And now we continue, four, five, six,
We cringe now, because it’s getting so sick
Reluctantly it goes on, seven, eight and nine
We meet fire so lustily divine
Now back to, nine, eight, seven…and we end on six
We scream in fright, for we gone to far for a plight

The sickening grows while we all burn in shocking tides
Alone, alone, darkness is invading our minds
Mocking redundantly, unrelentingly parading inside,
For we have all died inside this time

Making haste to the graveyard in fright,
Because a grave robber dances tonight,
For we fear, all that is dear and right,
Has left with the grave robber in sweet, sweet delight

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