Loubinson Theodorice

Rookie (March 24 1991 / Miami Florida)

Gravity - Poem by Loubinson Theodorice

I remember when i saw you for the first time, I could swear your beauty was beyond what fairytale's had in mind, No one who existed has ever had grace like your kind, Angels don’t even reach that high, there isn’t enough to explain in written lines, I'm held up within every heart beat like sub line I almost lost my composure, tried to not let this attraction be an exposure, don’t want to sound unoriginal but it was like I saw you in slow motion, the chemistry flowed naturally like the waves of the ocean, you are forbidden potion. I immediately didn’t want to be a player, I wanted to change, you were the cure to my game, Now I'm not the same. Since then there's been a fatal attraction, But to some of my sentiments I made a subtraction, Afterwards i divided the passion, Only showing what I felt in a fraction, then I realized you love me too because of your actions. I know some think all this is wrong, But this emotion keeps on going strong, I don’t know if tomorrow I could be Gone What I know is I live for the present, you are special to me, I love your Presence. Maybe it’s a sin what you feel for me, Maybe if we got together the path will Become steep, But occasionally I have to count sheep, your’ re on ma thoughts so much that I Sometimes can’t sleep. Before I used to be able to stop myself from being swept off ma feet, but nowadays you got me beat. By now I probably got you smile, you got me going crazy like if I’m losing my trial, you make me sweet and funny beyond Miles, Even make me reveal my romantic style. Seeing you happy is superior to any Vanity, In the whole humanity, you have the most amazing personality, It can’t be describe in any type of reality. My lips would crave for your kiss, But I got the self-control disease, So the thought of me kissing you grow, All because I wanted you to go to Heaven, that’s why I let go. One lsecret iz that you r extremely Smart, your face iz painted on my mind like a Work of art, My feeling for you were tied so tight to ma heart, they couldn’t drift away, It was impossible to let go of something I wanted to stay. I was ignorant to thinking, that something inside of me could disappear as easy as blinking, you’re worth me smiling, tried to vanish from your life, but i’m no Houdini. you must be magic you got me static, I instantly smile when I see you like Automatic. I was in battle against myself, Trying to hide my orientation in ma Soul’s top shelf, I couldn’t reject how I felt; I went back to my true self, Like Cinderella wend a clock hits Twelve. Unconditional love iz our God, My base that supports me, he’s the eternal rod, He always accepts us though sin can rot. God isn’t religion; He’s the truth, path, and reason, that’s why I know he’ll accept this love that rejoices with the seasons. Is sin for anyone who only habits in Religion, But trying to forget you made me a Wounded pigeon. In ma sleep you couldn’t be erased, your memories in perplexed dreams Where chased, that day we kissed ma heart raced, i held you close in my arms in any other place, because I was and am in between no GRAVITY ND SPACE.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Well I was really feeling this person, so one day I started to put words together..

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