Guide Me My Lord Poem by mary das

Guide Me My Lord

Rating: 4.8

My dear Lord............
Grant me peace within my heart
help me to make a beautiful start
guide me to make a difference
make me understand
the reasons for my existence
bless me with courage
to voice what is right
guide me to make changes
bless me to do for better
allow me to accept all
for I trust you have the reasons
some mysterious I can't comprehend
I believe when the right time comes
you will send me the explanations
then help me to understand
guiding me in all my steps
before I depart.

Dr.subhendu Kar 20 December 2015

Beautiful prayer, , who guides to go with His light of love,

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 18 April 2015

A good prayer to the lord and a hymn to recite

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Sandra Fowler 02 September 2007

Very touching. May God walk as closely with you as your shadow is my prayer for you, dear Mary. Love, Sandra

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 30 August 2007

Beautiful Mary... Amen

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Lee Fernandez 30 August 2007

He has heard you along time ago..even before u were asking..remember that...He made everything including He knows your everymove even before you knows it or planning to do it...sometimes you just gotta let go and work on your faith..believeing in Him and that He will and always comes through...just relax and be still sometimes...cause He is a just God...on His patient and just believe and stop questioning...and starts listening.

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