William Barry

Hail Caesar - Poem by William Barry

We are men,
Humble men we are,
For there is no
Higher call
Then to give
One's life to Caesar,
But some men
Are weak
Because they value
Their life
More than
Their fellow man,
Their beloved country,
And above all
The mighty Caesar.

This is why rules have
To be followed,
To guide
For men to have
Honor and duty
These rules are bound to us
By our oath
That all men
Under the banner
Of Rome
Will give freely
Every part of them
Their body
Their mind
Their sprit
We find this oath
Most sacred
For we live
For the one
We die for him

Because to break
This oath
Would be the most
Truly the most
Horrific thing anyone
Could do, because
We made this oath
To our country
To our magnificent
Ruler for punishment
Of this crime
Would call for blood,
Mars would call
Down his furry
On the Profligates
They will be
Cursed and beaten
They would be striped
Of title
Of honor
And of clothing
He would hang
On the cross
For all to see
Their disloyalty

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 2, 2011

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