Half Lies & Gifts Wont Keep Me Poem by Butch Decatoria

Half Lies & Gifts Wont Keep Me

Even in the silken
folds of Egyptian cotton
sheets, cream colored
Trims of emerald green,
Your endless thread counts
caress me to sleep


i could care less,
my exhaustion neither
because exhaust is not finicky...
While your house boy collects
Dust & double-coupons
To & for discount
Hillcrest hours
Expensive toy
Boy, can't breathe it in
When someone else
Is paying
Playing suedo sugar daddy
But the boy is not naïve

No one knows nothing of him
A party favor for war-buck's whim

the finer things are pleasing, yes,
name brands & the highest quality, sure,

anything that's beautiful evokes the senses
to heavenly realms / needlessness
uncut, craving our envy's delightful cures
yes, it's the sign of thebest life possible
silver-spoon-fed fixations / impressionable
yet, i could care less

what can gold do to my loneliness?

Take me then to rustic restaurants,
unique plastique, avant-garde displays,
shows sponsored by platinum praises
dine on savory talents
of chefs schooled in the foreign flare,
designer and pillars for legs of chairs
when we are seated by french or Spanish
accented, italian-gorgeous hosts;

i am nervous to touch the silver-ware & china,
hands on lap, feeling underdressed
Fancy was once
a name of a thoroughbred horse
and i can tell you: i could care less...

(to)purchase paintings, of water-colored races,
space travel prints of captains,
baseball fields on oil-based paints,
a canvas of a life truly lived, in spite
of loss and your will
to have another person entirely
devout to only one, fulfilled;

to clothe me is to hold me with certainty
to never stray, devoting every fiber of one's being
is short of nothing blessed
without a doubt,
without this gold Visa, i'm not at all even
Oh and my allowance,
...i could care less...

Take out the trash: unimportant minutes
washing laundry, a grocery list,
self-less favors, my lovely prince
these are my only ability's gifts
with sex, physical,
physical, let's get
on a tryst / on the last of my loyalty, a kiss
as true as saturated
in bliss this is - close to perfect
i can feel... and i wonder still what my soul is worth
when i have nothing and you're distracted,
strung away by fractal messiness
internet libations and invitations for foxholes
as you creep / as you sling...

yes, i am easy to fool
and yet, i still could care less...

However many times i fracture
i continue to adore, my infinite upheaval,
demigod in flesh you are / my worship

it is a curse to love you so
i could care less with what you buy me,
give me heaven sent truth,
ignite me with the power of the softness
of your devotion, unhooked
stars in destined romance & sonnets
a fusion of lust and trust
i only care for a simple touch
for some meager time to be near you,
that is what i call divine...
i could care less of the golden,
riches are free - never sold
they reside among the folds of lips and nips
on sides and tongue-ride on n*****s,
once cold...

so keep the bank accounts empty
vacations? i could care less!
half lies in gifts don't keep me
but in faithful arms,
i am yours completely
gladly and forever / in your power,
in this, our lovely, lovely
always know
you are
always forgiven. no regrets.

Half Lies & Gifts Wont Keep Me
Butch Decatoria

Butch Decatoria

Olongapo City, Philippines
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