The Profundity Of Sheep Poem by Butch Decatoria

The Profundity Of Sheep

Rating: 4.5

I will follow you
and call it love
to the edge and the ends
of our earthly bed
by your pipers' song
trusting your will with my blindness
because I do not fear

your Love.

Teach me and lead as a shepherd would
my own wisdom bleats
no depth nor words worth hearing
since speech
Belittles the lesson
and removes much meaning

Of the gifts that Love gave.

Pull me forward and away
to awe instead of weep
the heavens in your embrace
where there is no place for doubt
no panic but for the grave...

I trust that I must matter
even as a speck of dust
you carry me through winter
to rainbows
reminding me that

All is Love.

Even as I wallow in the hollows
of no self worth
you mean to me as I'm meant to be
since time was given birth
the golden truth
the Light of you
Though I'm a speck of dust...

Flooding tears upon the eye
no worry
or boundaries
No bleating cries

There is no Falling
when you, my love are
my every

The Profundity Of Sheep
Saturday, August 4, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love,religious
Dr Antony Theodore 15 November 2018

There is no Falling when you, my love are my every sky. very nice poem and a bit mystical in your thought line. thanku for this great work. tony

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Bernedita 04 August 2018

Truly, a nice poem. Well expressed!

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Butch Decatoria 04 August 2018

My love letter to God/Goddess / Universe.

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Butch Decatoria

Butch Decatoria

Olongapo City, Philippines
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